Today was a Good Day (WPC)

Today Was a Good Day is this week’s challenge from the Daily Post and looking out my kitchen window this morning, I am already declaring exactly that!

The Early Bird, or birds in this case!

As the sun rose behind my mountain, the clouds were continually moving, constantly changing it’s appearance. As the mountain peak became visible, flocks of seagulls began flying past, heading down towards the nearby river.

Yep, definitely no argument here. It may only be 7.30 in the morning but after viewing this incredible sight from Mother Nature herself, it will be enough to sustain me until bedtime. Today was indeed a Good Day!




24 thoughts on “Today was a Good Day (WPC)

    • My sincere apologies as I thought I already was! Hopefully with school back in tomorrow and some semblance of a normal routine once again taking form after a LONG summer, my thought processes will also return to normal… who knows.


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    • Jet, I was simply impressed with the clouds and sun but when I heard the birds then saw flock after flock, I actually held my breath as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.If it has been Canadian Geese not seagulls you would have heard me from where you are! 🙂

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