PhotoRehab Cover Makeover #10

Oh how time flies when you’re either having fun or have children who have been home for the last two month’s on summer vacation finally returning to school today albeit for only two hours.

Consequently here it is, almost ten hours later than intended, but here is my version of this week’s book jacket makeover from Desley over at Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist.

Lord of the Rings

This is absolutely NOTHING like envisioned as the photo I had in mind I simply couldn’t find in my archives. Then when I went to insert this into my post, there was my photo. Turns out I’d only taken it last week. Shows you how much I can pack into a week without even trying, lol.

And now that’s done, it’s on to make dinner which sadly, is not nearly as much fun as Desley’s makeovers. 😦

Cover Makeover Badge






8 thoughts on “PhotoRehab Cover Makeover #10

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