Forgotten Shed (One Four Challenge – Week 2)

For Week 2 of the One Four Challenge by Robyn I have to admit, with the children back at school this week and routines yet to be forged, I couldn’t tell you precisely what editing I’ve done this week except a little of EVERYTHING! 🙂

1-4-2 - Who knows WHAT I did!

At a glance I can safely say there was a little straightening, a change to sepia, the adding of a film frame, oh and not only was there some fiddling with the contrast in there but I fiddled with the hues and temperatures also (‘cause I could!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hopefully the slide-show is working today, it seems to be a little hit and miss of late but why should it be any different to me this week, lol!

the ONE FOUR Challenge





15 thoughts on “Forgotten Shed (One Four Challenge – Week 2)

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  2. The sepia really works. I like the tighter crop on week one. Seeing the ground doesn’t add much of interest. (I hope that doesn’t sound too critical.) But I like the subject matter. It’s what I normally shoot- old rotting buildings, sometimes rust cars and trucks.

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