One Photo Focus – October

Oh how I love the first Friday of the month as that’s when Stacy from Visual Venturing hosts her One Photo Focus – LOVE IT!

This month we have a fabulous photo from Michelle Lunato of Michelle Lunato Photography. If you aren’t already familiar with Michelle’s work I highly recommend a visit as you won’t be disappointed. This is how I’ve interpreted her photo.

October One Photo Focus

Below is Michelle’s original photograph. The line of light from the sun through the water I found mesmerizing so tried emphasizing this by portrait cropping the photo.

Then I removed all but the three boats you see to make the picture less distracting and this being me, pumped up the contrast somewhat!

Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus

Do pop over to Visual Venturing to see all the submissions. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how we can all have the same photograph yet interpret it in different way. I just love it!






16 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – October

  1. I like the way you “saw” Michelle’s image, Joanne (of course, since I saw it that way too, I’m a bit partial 😄). I’m impressed that you so cleanly removed the other boats, and of course, the increased contrast really puts the sunburst and sparkling water front and center. Well done!

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  2. What a great edit! It is so dreamy and peaceful. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the kind words and wonderful edit of my picture. I feel quite special having a moment on your page. Thank you again:)

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