Coloured Canadian Country

This is the photo, well kinda-sorta, that I posted on Monday’s Monochrome Madness. Deborah wondered what it would look like in colour, as did I, so here ’tis.

Coloured Canadian Country

It’s not quite the same as when I went to do the more severe crop to this colour version the feel of the photo changed for me dramatically, hence the crop you see above now. It didn’t however stop me from bumping up that contrast, lol!




9 thoughts on “Coloured Canadian Country

  1. I love this photo. It looks so evocative and slightly misty. It looks like a place where it would be good to live.
    I am so sorry to have missed so many of your post. I have been renovating my ancient sash windows. It was, without a doubt some of the most tedious work I have ever had to do! And I only did one! The rest I was just sanding and painting. Thought I would go mad…..but I am back now, although still quite mad! Ha ha! 🙂

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    • Thank you SO much – this is near Harrison Hot Springs here in BC and is definitely on our list of places we would live. And now the mystery is solved as to your whereabouts as I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Taken by sash windows however was NOT something that crossed my mind but I quite understand. I’ve only ever painted those things, didn’t even bother sanding, just washed it. Shows my level of commitment, or lack there of. Looking forward to seeing some “happy snaps” of your work and am so relieved you are well AND still quite mad, lol! 🙂

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      • You have so cheered me up! If there is a madness which can be induced by decorating then I certainly have it! And most days as I sand and paint I feel more like crying than laughing!
        This Summer I have sanded and painted 4 garden benches, 10 garden chairs, 2 tables, a Summerhouse, removed a sash window ( i took the whole thing out, including the weights) painted 4 big windows, 2 doors. Then inside I knocked down an interior wall with the retired postman!
        If there is a Betty Ford clinic to treat me for this obsessive problem I had better book in! And there is still so much to do. 😦

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      • Oh. My. Goodness. Karen I’m so exhausted from reading your list “I’m” going to have to take a nap. Talk about making hay whilst the sun shines. Your house will however be absolutely amazing when you finish, with so much attention to detail and having seen your decorating prowess through your photos, it will be nothing short of glorious!

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