Morning Silhouette (October One Four Challenge: Week 4)

It’s the fourth and final week for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. This is where we choose one of our own images, then each week for the next four weeks we process it in a different way. Hence… One Four Challenge!

This week I’ve darkened the image quite a lot to create quite the stormy effect then brightened just the sand and sand-bags so you could still see the those details. And yes, naturally the contrast has been upped… of course!

One Four Challenge - 1-4-4

Here is my previous week’s images, along with the original, for you to make your own comparisons.

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the ONE FOUR Challenge





6 thoughts on “Morning Silhouette (October One Four Challenge: Week 4)

  1. This is just lovely, I love the edits for week 3 & 4 the best. I almost missed you this month… I stumbled upon your blog because I liked the name of it (I saw it linked to on Michelle Lunato’s blog). I’m substitute-hosting the one-four-challenge in November for Robyn, so this month I was getting into the grove of stopping by everyone’s blog for October. There are possibly two reasons I almost missed you… 1) the link for the challenge is to Robyn’s post from last October, rather than the weekly posts that she does ( this is where we usually leave our link in case the ping-back doesn’t work)… 2) the link on the badge isn’t pointing to Robyn’s blog but rather someone named Jennifer Nichole Wells. Also, I tried to find your images on WP reader for One Four Challenge, but even though you’ve tagged it, it doesn’t appear there. I thought I’d give you a heads up in case you’ve been wondering why we as a community haven’t been ooing and ahhing over your wonderful images. 😀

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words Nic but thank you more-so for the heads up on the misdirecting of the link. I’ve just checked the previous weeks and three out of the four weeks needed to be changed, AND I spelled fourth incorrectly – doesn’t get much better then that – how embarrassing!

      As for linking to the October blog, my intention was to link back to the origins of the One Four Challenge for anyone new to it. Then at the end of my post I was MEANT to be linking to the blog title and therefore the latest post since I schedule my posts. Trust me Nic, it was all good intentions which sadly somehow got mixed up with some tired keyboarding.

      Fingers-crossed it all works a LOT better in November. I still can’t believe I did that!

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