Anping Treehouse (November One Photo Focus)

Oh how quickly these last three months of the year go, I can’t believe it’s already November. Only 49 sleeps until the fat guy comes and time for another One Photo Focus with the talented Stacy Fisher of Visual Venturing!

Here is my interpretation of this month’s amazing photograph of the Anping Treehouse in Tainan, Taiwan by Helen Chen of HCC Blog. The roots of a Banyan Tree have engulfed themselves around what was once an old warehouse. Quite amazing.

One Photo Focus - November

Looking at this capture I couldn’t decide for the longest time what to do until I was looking through the photographs recently that my father had in his army kit bag that he’d brought back with him from his time in the South Pacific during WWII.

There were photographs of comradeship and their day-to-day life, then there were some really gruesome shots of the harsh realities they were facing. The darkness within these photos seemed to highlight this reality.  This is what I aimed for in my editing.

Not quite what you see here in Helen’s original photograph thankfully.

Helen Chen November One Photo Focus

Be sure to head over to Visual Venturing by clicking on the badge below to see how everybody else has interpreted Helen’s photograph, my favourite part of this challenge. One Photo yet in SO many different ways… BRILLIANT!

One Photo Focus





11 thoughts on “Anping Treehouse (November One Photo Focus)

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    • Thank you so much Helen for your kind words – it was certainly an interesting photo to work with – thank you! What an incredible place to visit though, it must have felt quite surreal walking through the cocooned-like structure. 🙂


    • It was incredible to see the things he brought out of it but it was more remarkable to watch my father as it seemed once he took off his uniform he never looked inside that bag again. I can’t imagine my son seeing and doing the things at 18 my father did in the war… and I so pray he never does!

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