The Day After… (OWPC)

Most often the day after is never pretty with Australian cyclones being no exception.

The Australian cyclone is very similar to the North American hurricanes except they don’t limit themselves to staying on the coast, they’ll travel in-land if they so desire.

The aftermath along the coast line is always great following a cyclone – existing beaches are often washed away, replaced with an odd assortment of debris and foam that’s been washed up.

The Day After...

The foam whipped up by these high winds is what I always find incredible. This foam seems to linger as long as it possibly can, often taking up to a week for it to truly disappear from the beach.

This is the last weather challenge word (Pick Your Own) from Jennifer Nichole Wells and her One Word Photo Challenge. Next week we begin the Animal List starting at A… click on the link below if you’d like to join the fun!






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