Tallinn Tower (November One Four Challenge – Week 3)

Week 3 of the November One Four Challenge hosted this month by Photography by Nic. This is where we choose a photo of our own then process it a different way for the next four weeks.

My plan this week was to simply alter the saturation. Then I began tweaking colours, brightness, and hues. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t touch the contrast but couldn’t help myself. And once I did that I felt some severe cropping was required.


Strangely, I really like the editing for this week. Some might say too much but I really like how it feel as if the tree is almost three-dimensional. Below is my original and the previous weeks processing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see more submissions for this challenge, head over to Nic’s blog, Photography by Nic to see hers and the links to everyone else participating in the One Four Challenge this month.

the ONE FOUR Challenge





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