Victory in Life (WPC: Victory)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge prompt of VICTORY was scheduled prior to the horrific attacks on Paris Friday night. Although there was far too much loss of life that night, it is by no means a victory for those initiating such atrocities.

And for me, it highlights my own little victory upon life – happy and healthy children in a safe environment. My Darling Duo have food in their bellies, a roof over their heads and the warmth of love surrounding them.

Victory - Happy and Healthy Children

This photo admittedly was taken a couple of years ago but still remains a favourite as it shows what they “think” they’d like to do to each other but deep down, not that either will admit, they love each other as fiercely as they fight.

As for the impact of Friday night, together the world is rallying. Paris life continues in its state of a new “normal” as life there will never quite be the same again.

However, life does goes on. That’s a given we know, but how we choose to rise above that which is sent to push us down is the true test of our strength and resilience. And in those times of darkness and doubt in-between, we continue to send our love and prayers to Paris.





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