Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: White

When I read Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge this week was going to be WHITE I knew immediately what I wanted to post. Memories from just over a year ago came flooding back as if it was yesterday.

Whtie on White

As we sat in the comfort and security of our Arctic Crawler, we witnessed one of Mother’s Natures most glorious creations simply being… a mother polar bear and her cub playing. My goodness, it really doesn’t get much better then that!




18 thoughts on “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: White

  1. Oh Joanne, you were so lucky to see these beautiful creatures. And the photo is so good too. I do worry that these bears are getting into trouble because their habitat is shrinking. Yours look happy healthy bears, I just wish they could all be safe and well. I do not want to think that they are suffering. Thanks so much for sharing x

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    • Thank you Karen. It was so delightful to be able to see these creatures in their natural environment but you’re right, global warming has “their” land shrinking hence they encroach on “man’s land” and are then treated accordingly. So, so sad as they are only trying to survive.

      Years ago the children and I saw a Polar Bear in captivity in Australia. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. The bear was alone, discoloured, and visually stir-crazy. After learning these majestic beasts have a roaming distance of 1,000km, it was little wonder this poor thing was antsy given the tiny confines of it’s enclosure.


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