The Moon, The Mountain, the Magic (WPC: Trio)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is… TRIO.

Admittedly I’d been struggling over the weekend as to what I could possibly share for this challenge but come yesterday afternoon the answer was staring me right in the face. THIS was just outside my kitchen window!

Moon Magic

Running late, as always, I’d run upstairs to finish preparing dinner before collecting the children from their band rehearsals after school when this caught my eye. As I walked to the back glass door, my breath actually caught in my throat.

The sky almost void of any encumberments, with the exception of a couple of wispy clouds just above the mountain, was changing colour with each movement of the moon. To say it was glorious would be an understatement.

To see such natural beauty right before me in a world full of turmoil is such a blessing. A gentle reminder to appreciate the little things in life, never take anything for granted.




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