Fair Fight!


Fair Fight






5 thoughts on “Fair Fight!

  1. When we lived in Spain in the late 1990’s, the Christmas season was a difficult time for many. We always ended up with a house full of expats, mostly Americans, sometimes Japanese, who were kicked out of their live-in’s houses for the Holidays. These expats were always complete strangers we happened to meet at concerts, or the many celebrations held in the streets or we would see them wandering around a park looking out of sorts and invite them to spend Christmas with us. Families were obliged to get together, but live-ins weren’t welcome and even married couples often celebrated the holidays apart from each other with their separate families. During the holidays seasons, calls for the police to break up family fights in Madrid were reported to rise 1000% or more each year we were there. So “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a fair fight!” was a fitting motto during the years we lived in Spain.

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    • That’s incredible to think even couples would have to go their separate ways. How absolutely bizarre!

      I remember one of the Christmas days I worked, I was manager of a wildlife sanctuary of all things, but as there were two busloads of Asian tourists coming for morning tea straight from the airport Christmas Day, we had to open. Not expecting anyone else I was more then surprised when an English family, mum, dad, and two teenagers, walked in. They were staying with a sibling nearby but it was the sibling and their family’s Christmas hence this family had to make other arrangements. Hotdogs with me. Merry friggin’ Christmas!

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