Snack Time (One-Four-Challenge: Week 2)

What’s that you say? Two weeks in just one week? Yep, that’s correct, and if you are doing your math, I’m still behind a week as I think it’s actually now Week 3. So without further ado, here’s my Week 2 of the deer in our back yard.

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With my image for Week 2, I’ve cropped in even more then Week 1. Initially I was hesitant to crop so much previously as sometimes you can lose the sharpness of the image but fortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Naturally I then also bumped up the contrast to intensify the colours but at the same time I added a heavy vignette as I wanted the focus on the young deer eating rather than the odd vegetation behind it. Oh, and I straightened the photo a tad!

This One Four Challenge is a fabulous way of getting back into posting and more importantly thinking about photo editing and what one really wants to achieve from a capture. If you aren’t already familiar with this challenge be sure to check out our gracious host Robyn and her blog, Captivate Me.





7 thoughts on “Snack Time (One-Four-Challenge: Week 2)

  1. Somehow I missed week 1 Joanne, but I found both your editions here ( you’re not behind, we started late this time 😜 ). This looks like a special moment for you. I know I would have enjoyed being there. Lovely.
    I like both of your edits so far. Was it morning light or afternoon light ping a spotlight on the deer? Nicely done Joanne!

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    • Robyn, I only did Week 1 on Tuesday – I’m feeling my way back s-l-o-w-l-y into the blogging world, lol. 🐌

      As for the light, it was morning light in this instance. Whenever the deer drop by for a visit I’m glued to the window watching all their antics. And when the young fawn are with the “big kids”, I’m in hysterics. I’d never appreciated how deer play like puppies. They go crazy! 😉

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