Stylish Seed Pods (One Four Challenge: Week 2)

Goodness the weeks go by so quickly when participating in the fabulous One Four Challenge hosted by Robin at Captivate Me. This is my submission for Week Two.

Fur Balls - Week 2

Once again I haven’t done much editing, thanks to the bokeh already there, apart from my usual upping the contrast. And as you can see, for something different I changed the colour to sepia.

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Below is my original photography and last week’s submission for comparison.






18 thoughts on “Stylish Seed Pods (One Four Challenge: Week 2)

  1. For some reason you’re not showing in the Reader this time Joanne – But I’m glad I found this one.
    The sepia is such a beautiful treatment for this image. Such a light touch that makes the detail shine and showcases the wonderful light. A lovely lovely image!! 😀

    Just in case – you can add a link within comments on my One Four post – that way we can find you.
    Sometimes too many tags can stump the Reader as well. Just FYI 🙂

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  2. Ps – your 1-4 posts don’t appear under the One-Four-Challenge tag. What is listed is a different post of yours (wordless Wednesday) and it’s only when I clicked on it that I came to your site and saw the week 1 and 2 posts. You might want to check your tags and links.

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    • My goodness. Thank you so VERY much for letting me know. I’d best go correct whatever it is I’ve done. That’ll teach me for watching Star Wars whilst writing posts, lol!😂

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