A Man, a Mule, and a Mountain (26 Week Letter Challenge: M)

This capture seemed more than appropriate for this week’s 26 Week Letter Challenge hosted by Lori Bravo at Let There be Peace on Earth for the Letter M. The fact we were in Morocco when I took this photograph sealed the deal!

A Man, a Mule and a Mountain

This would have to be one of my favourite captures from our visit to Morocco. A man riding his mule with the majestic mountains as his backdrop.

On this particular day we’d hired a car in Ouarzazate to drive up to the Atlas Mountains. The children in the back giggling whilst Hubby and I gushed over this and that. It was a day filled with incredible sights and the most delicious food!

26 Weeks Letter Challenge





7 thoughts on “A Man, a Mule, and a Mountain (26 Week Letter Challenge: M)

  1. Pretty amazing place Morocco. Lots of fabulous memories and you have some brilliant photos
    to prove it. I’m sure any you share with your followers will be met with delight. The markets of
    Ouarzazate, the crumbling yet still mightily dignified older houses, the film set, desert hues,
    snow topped Atlas ranges, road sides eateries, our two cherubs exploring new surrounds with
    eyes wide with wonder and pre-breakfast desert strolls watching the sun rise. You can take me
    back anytime. So much more to see and no regrets that we missed Marrakesh- so much more to see
    in the desert and Casablanca.
    D’ XX

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