Quiet Moments (July One Photo Focus)

Time for One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy Fischer from Visual Venturing. This has to be one of my favourite challenges as it’s where we all have the opportunity to edit the same photo. Here is my take on Bren Ryan’s intriguing photo for this month.

Joanne Ritchie One Photo Focus July VV

As you can see I’ve severely cropped the photo. This crop was to highlight the smattering of coloured flowers near the water-lilies at the bottom right of the photo. After cropping I brightened the photo then boosted the clarity.

This is the original photograph offered kindly by Bren Ryan.

July 2016 One Photo Focus

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6 thoughts on “Quiet Moments (July One Photo Focus)

  1. Sorry for not replying sooner but was up in Scotland with bad internet access… really love what you did to and just picked that bench… I can remember sitting in that bench and it is a lovely view across the lake.

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    • Really Bren? How incredible you sat on that very bench. A bench looking out onto water is my idea of heaven. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for the opportunity to work with such an intriguing capture!☺️


      • You are welcome… what I like about Scotney Castle is there are plenty of those benches dotted all around and they all have wonderful views to look at when sitting down. Xxxx


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