In a Twirl (One Photo Focus: August)

It’s hard to believe we are half way through the children’s summer vacation. Seriously, where has that time gone? And here we are, time for another One Photo Focus from the equally very-busy Stacy Fisher of Visual Venturing.

This month we have a fabulous photo submitted from the talented Robin Kent of PhotographybyKent. If you aren’t already familiar with this photo challenge of Stacy’s it’s where we all edit this one photo any which way we like. This is my submission…

Joanne Ritchie - One Photo Focus - August

Yes, it’s very different but what can I say, I like it, lol! The editing was all very fast and furious once I saw the result from hitting Tiny Planet. Within this option I increased the twirl to expand the width of the wheel more. From there I pumped up the contrast, then tweaked the hues and temperature slightly to create the background colour.

This is Robin’s original photo.

August - One Photo Focus

What I found really interesting when working with this image was that no matter what I did, the colour of the discoloured copper along the attic edges never changed. Too funny.

Be sure to pop over to Visual Venturing by clicking the link below to see all this month’s submissions – they never disappoint!

One Photo Focus Badge



12 thoughts on “In a Twirl (One Photo Focus: August)

  1. Wow! Twist n’ Shout out loud. The London Eye meets a Space Odyssey.
    Great effects my love. Never would have picked it without the original photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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