Neptune’s Wooden Angel (September One Photo Focus)

Is it seriously September already? What happened to August? I can’t even remember it being August 1st, which is particularly sad considering my birthday was the day before! (Perhaps that’s why I can’t remember, lol😂)

Here is my submission for this month’s One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy at Visual Venturing. This month’s photo of the Balclutha was taken by Stacy herself on a visit San Fransisco. I simply adore the carved figurehead on these old vessels.

Joanne Ritchie - September - One Photo Focus

With this in mind I’ve cropped the photo to bring more emphasis to this beautifully carved figurehead. Then I’ve altered the photograph to black and white then raised the contrast and added a frame. This is Stacy’s original photo.


What is One Photo Focus? It’s the first ABFriday of each month when all participants edit the same photo. It is unbelievable to think that with so many of us participating in this challenge, no two edits are ever alike so be sure to check out all the submissions over at Visual Venturing!

One Photo Focus Badge



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