Just add Water! (WPC: H2O)

A Setting Sun + A Body Water = Glorious Views!


The Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post this week is H2O.





10 thoughts on “Just add Water! (WPC: H2O)

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      • Haha I wish JoJo I have another grandbaby due in 3 weeks that will make 8 these girls of mine are making me old before my time LOL 🙂 The eldest is now 11 the youngest 17 months and a newbie very soon exciting times for sure and a house full of chaos and laughter at xmas time
        Hope all is well with you JoJo and the family one of these days we will meet up you know ..how is your mum Jo?
        Love your photos you really are a very talented lady :):)

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      • Thank you so much Shazza! Wishing you your eighth little girl a safe arrival.💖 What a busy grandma you must be, so many cuddles to be had! My mother is well which sadly has her simply existing. Life isn’t fair sometimes.😔 Counting down to Christmas, J/xx


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