Transmogrifying Toadstools (WPC: Transmogrify)

Talk about a word that rips the corners of your mouth when you say it! Transmogrify is this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post, meaning “to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

What perfect timing was is that the same morning the Daily Post disclosed this challenge, I’d been laying on my driveway taking photographs of these already transforming toadstools.


When we first moved into this house, some of these little egg-like growths were at the top of the drive. Being snap frozen thanks to the weather nothing more became of them. Having never seen them before this is all we thought they were. Until…

A few weeks ago more “eggs” appeared. Reminding me of little creatures, I was keen to get some photos of them. Getting side-tracked, it was a couple of days before I remembered my mission, by which time our eggs were morphing into tiny umbrellas.

We had absolutely no idea. Seriously Mother Nature, you ROCK!







12 thoughts on “Transmogrifying Toadstools (WPC: Transmogrify)

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