Our Backyard Elder (OWPC: Elder)

It’s been a few weeks since Big Buck graced us with his presence in our backyard and even longer since I took this photo of him sitting, basking in the afternoon autumn sun.


What’s interesting is, whenever he does come to visit now, he seldom comes alone as he was here. It’s intriguing how he always comes with an entourage of the same additional four, Little Buck and three does.





10 thoughts on “Our Backyard Elder (OWPC: Elder)

  1. Hoping he is OK and just sharing visits with the neighbours.
    He’s a proud looking beast Jo and you captured his spirit and
    all his majesty as you always do my darling. Love you, love your
    photos. Your DXXX

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    • Aren’t I blessed Shazza? This guy actually allowed me to sit on the back steps to photograph him. I must have only been 10 metres from him. It would have been closer but my daughter wouldn’t allow it. Talk about responsible teenagers – what the?!😆


      • Yes JoJo you most definitely are blessed 🙂 What you have in your very own backyard is just awesome and to be able to actually get that close to one of natures most majestic creatures is so very special I do so envy you my friend not for just where you have made your home but also for the magnifcent creatures that frequent your backyard so so special JoJo. And really you actually did as you were told by said daughter and stayed put on the back steps???? LOLOLOL But I would have to agree with her JoJo if it is rutting season and he has a harem I wouldnt want to get in his way not with that head gear he has coming out his head bet they wouldnt tickle hehehe
        Great to touch base again JoJo will try and stay in touch more often miss my chats with you 🙂

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