Springtime Green! (WPC: It IS Easy Being Green!)

There’s something magical about the green of new life. It’s such a beautiful, unique green heralding the change of seasons.

This green can be seen on such a vast array of nature’s creations. From the unfurling of leaves on trees, buds on bushes, and even down in the undergrowth where ferns begin stretching for the sky.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week is… It IS Easy Being Green!!






11 thoughts on “Springtime Green! (WPC: It IS Easy Being Green!)

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  2. This is lovely and I am saying it with nostalgia and a little regret. We have a sever drought in the Western Cape with a possibility that water cab run out before the rainy season starts and a lot of ferns in my garden has died.

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    • Thank you for the compliment but was saddened to read how severe the drought conditions are for you. Hoping and praying the rains come VERY soon for you and the plants!


      • Yes we have severe water restrictions and our rainy season is in Winter but it is still very hot with dams supplying Cape Town having less than 23% on average and dropping with 1.5% a week/ The last 10% of a dam is normally not usable


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