Standing within the Grand Canyon (WPC: Wanderlust)

When booking our helicopter flight, complete with a champagne lunch within the canyon itself, I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but I know I wasn’t expecting to be so awe-struck with the Grand Canyon.

The size, the unique beauty. There was so much to see, so much to experience. Wanderlust has led me to so many fabulous places in the world and will lead me to those places yet to be seen!

Wanderlust is the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post this week.






10 thoughts on “Standing within the Grand Canyon (WPC: Wanderlust)

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    • Thank you Jet – I needed that. I wasn’t happy at all with the final image but as the memory of that time was still so vivid for me, I accepted defeat (VERY ungraciously I assure you!)

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  2. Lived in Arizona for years. Took many friends to see the canyon. My husband and some of his buddies hiked into the canyon and had a wonderful experience. It is a spectacular place. I like visiting the North rim better than the South rim. Glad you had a wonderful time there.

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    • Thank you. Since moving to Canada I’ve discovered there is so much more to the Grand Canyon then just looking down. What an incredible experience for your husband and friends. Some of the photos I’ve seen from within the canyon could almost convert me to being a hiker… almost!

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      • Had many friends hike into the canyon – it was rough. Had friends take raft trips on the river in the canyon – that was an experience for them. I never made it into the canyon – I was working and my daughter was small then. They closed down a lot of the donkey trips they took into the canyon. The owners of these companies were abusing the horses and donkeys. A sad tale. I have been told by friends the trip into the canyon is awe inspiring.

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      • It’s so sad when companies have an opportunity to share something so beautiful using animals but are unable to reflect this in their own behaviour. The rafting trips have really piqued my interest but I fear that boat has sailed (bad pun!). Have a great day!

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