Down in the grass! (Travel Theme – Grass)

Monday morning I was momentarily glued to my spot in the sun room. There was a deer lying down in our very grassy backyard. This in itself isn’t unusual but there was something in her position that wasn’t right, it worried me.

I held my breath looking for clues as to what was the problem and what I should do. Then… two little heads popped up!

My mama deer had not long ago given birth. These little darlings were still wet and wobbly on their legs it was so beautiful to watch. Immediately I ran downstairs, woke the children and had them upstairs to view these little wonders of life.💞

Grassy is this week’s Travel Challenge from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?




8 thoughts on “Down in the grass! (Travel Theme – Grass)

  1. Cannot believe this is your backyard right now JoJo just so beautiful you are so very lucky to live in the place you have chosen as home fantasticly awesome
    Shazza xx

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    • Thank you Shazza – spring certainly does bring out the magic of the wildlife in the backyard! Things must be cooling off for you now. Are you in your new home yet? Jxx


      • Hey JoJo no not yet in new home about 75 percent done so getting closer hit a few bumps in the road but back on track for the minute
        What is the best email and l will send you some pics if you like
        Love those little creatures in your back yard just beautiful you are so so lucky to have that JoJo
        Shazza xx

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