Rusty Relics (Monochrome Monday)

Don’t you just love it when you are walking along the beach then come across something like this just lying there.

If only these old relics could talk, sharing the stories that only they have lived!






Many make more! (Friday Flowers)







Sledding Lapland Style (Tourist Time)

Something we would have loved to have brought back with us from our Christmas in Lapland were the sleds they used. They were like a chair  on skis. You’d push the back of the chair until you had a speed you were  happy with then stand on the skis. Just brilliant!

Over this summer vacation I’m taking trips of another kind. Of a Thursday I’m traveling down memory lane, reminiscing a little about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!






Misty Meanderings (Wordless Wednesday)







Summer Stunner! (OWPC – Hippo)

How gorgeous is this beauty, sunny themself near the water’s edge. Having only ever seen hippopotamuses standing in the waters of Africa, this was the first time I’d ever seen a hippopotamus out of water. It was incredible!

The turkey vultures standing nearby a little off-putting however. Are they standing guard or waiting for the meat to bake in the midday sun I wonder?

Hippo is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.




Disposable rather than scrubbable! (Macro Monday)

Thank goodness for disposable oven liners. The oven that came with the house says it’s self-cleaning. Perhaps in its day it was but since we moved in, self-cleaning is not option.

Reusable is always preferable over disposable but when it comes to the inside of an oven… I’ll take disposable every time!






Magical Morning Light (Friday Flowers)