The things you see on the way to the grocery store… in Iceland! (Wordless Wednesday)








20 thoughts on “The things you see on the way to the grocery store… in Iceland! (Wordless Wednesday)

      • You’re welcome, Joanne. How wonderful to have lived there. I am planning to go there at the end of September for one week. Maybe we catch the northern lights.
        Would you recommend this time of the year to go there or rather another one?

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      • How exciting Lucile – I’d go back in a heartbeat. Anytime you are in Iceland is a good time to visit I’d say! Personally, if I *had* to pick a time of the year, I’d say February and June – February as the snow really highlighted the volcano craters in the centre of Iceland (driving was a white-knuckle though due to ice on the roads) and June for the wildflowers. We lived in East Iceland, which is a little different to the West Coast. Where are you planning to visit?


      • It’s very exciting, Joanne. We always wanted to go there, and now we are making serious plans.
        My husband was suggesting to go from west to east, stopping in different places to visit and then back in 7-10 days.
        There is lots to visit but my dream is to see the Northern lights.
        Thank you so much for replying and for the information.

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      • It’s going to be wonderful. Just remember thermals and a VERY good wind jacket. The wind, no matter the season, can cut through you like a surgical knife. Good luck with the Northern Lights! xx


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