Watching from Within the White (Flower Friday)

As is so often the case with me, I was so focused on getting a clear, closeup shot of this white Lisianthus that it wasn’t until I’d downloaded my photos that I noticed the two balls within.

It was as if there was a pair of green eyeballs looking up at me. In retrospect I’m rather glad that I didn’t notice them earlier, they’re a tad freaky!






Out my car window (WPC – Windows)

If you have to stop for road works over the summer, how nice is it to be able to look out the car window to this “arrangement” of blooms in the grass just off the road beside the car.

Windows is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.











A Little Ray of Sunshine (Wordless Wednesday)







Kangaroo feet – they’re bigger then you think! (OWPC – Kangaroo)

Maybe it’s because I’ve had friends who’ve repeatedly had fences kicked down by kangaroos, or maybe it’s simply the size of their top paws but I confess, I have very few warm and fuzzy feelings towards the kangaroo.

Then again, there’s no denying when a joey pops its head out of the pouch it is super cute! Kangaroo is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells this week.






Autumn Afternoon Afterglow (Monochrome Monday)

Last week daughter and I were watching a seal contemplating whether or not to lounge on some planks in the harbour just in front of us when suddenly there was a huge splash just off shore below us.

Whilst waiting for a hint as to what had caused this splash, I took photos hoping to catch something coming up for air. I didn’t catch whatever it was that caused the splash, but on uploading the photos I saw I had caught these beautiful bursts of light!






Hidden within (Flower Friday)

When there are Lisianthus at the supermarket, there is no way I am able to walk past without adding a couple of bunches to my trolley. They are such a beautiful bloom.

Their old-world appearance gives them an old-world charm that appeals so very much to me. Particularly when I can add a filter or two to make them even more-so!







Frosted Rocks (WPC – Layers)

The layers of snow on these rocks we saw on our train trip through the Rocky Mountains always intrigue me. It’s as if Mother Nature herself has used a piping bag to cover all the rocks!

Layers is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week.