Oh deer, two sweet! (Monochrome Monday)

The mother deer who gave birth to twins in our backyard last May, often brings her two babies back for visit. No matter how quickly they grow, they are still to us our babies.

Now the two fawns are much bigger, only one at a time will ever rest near their mother.  Perhaps this is a “deer thing” or it could simply be a case of this mound in our backyard really is just big enough for two!







11 thoughts on “Oh deer, two sweet! (Monochrome Monday)

  1. Oh Joanne! How beautiful! And what a privilege to be able to share this experience with them.
    I once treated a Fox who had a severe attack of Mange. I really don’t know how this all happened but it came into my garden one night and was so terribly ill. I got medicine from the vet and put it in its food each night until it had completed the treatment. Then it disappeared! I had no idea if it was still alive until a year later it returned. It waited for me in the garden. I walked out and the Fox looked me in the eyes and then went.
    I think it came to say thank you and goodbye.
    Sharing in the lives of your deer is very special and I love your photos of your deer family x

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    • Thank you so much Karen and what a wonderful story about your fox. He most definitely came back to say thank you. Animals really do have an understanding and compassion that we can’t appreciate!

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