Lines across the water! (WPC – Lines)

Sunday mornings driving around town has become mutually beneficial to both myself and my son – he gets in his driving practice whilst I get to play photographer. There’s so much more to see when you’re not the driver!

The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week is… Lines.





9 thoughts on “Lines across the water! (WPC – Lines)

    • Why thank you Helen. It was so, so quiet down at this cove on this particular morning despite it being gloriously sunny. Definitely a fabulous fluke of… “right place, right time” moment!


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  2. So much texture here — wonderful photo, Joanne. I especially like the two draping articles, the net and the segmented rope. I also like the non-visual image of you and your son out as he practices driving, it’s very sweet.

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    • Thank you so much Jet, this is just what I needed to hear as I’m having a love/hate relationship with this photo. For ease on this day I took my old camera which is much lighter however it doesn’t appear to take as “crisp” a photo I’ve grown accustomed to. So although the photo isn’t what I’d hoped, the memory of our drive has me loving it!

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