Singing from the Tree Tops (Monochrome Monday)

On this particular morning, these two beauties were having a good ole sing-song, serenading all of us who walked by or under them. It was such a fabulous way to begin the day.

Nature has a wonderful way of cutting to the chase…  you should always find a song in your heart to start your day.






Kangaroo feet – they’re bigger then you think! (OWPC – Kangaroo)

Maybe it’s because I’ve had friends who’ve repeatedly had fences kicked down by kangaroos, or maybe it’s simply the size of their top paws but I confess, I have very few warm and fuzzy feelings towards the kangaroo.

Then again, there’s no denying when a joey pops its head out of the pouch it is super cute! Kangaroo is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells this week.






Nature’s Morning Accessories (Wordless Wednesday)







Early Morning Recreation (A Photo a Week Challenge: Recreation)

When in Australia there’s nothing nicer then taking an early morning walk following the river out to the ocean. On this particular morning there was myself, a fisherman, and a stand-up paddle-boarder.

Each of us doing something different, yet all happy in our chosen form of recreation. Recreation is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography.






Mum and Mickey! (WPC: Friend)

This is my mother and her faithful companion and horse Mickey. Mickey has popped up in a lot of our conversations since Master Fifteen was born (no, I have absolutely NO idea of that correlation), but even more-so now since dad’s passing.

Mickey was her everything – from riding him to school to riding him around the family farm to do her chores, and obviously to do a spot of fishing. With her father’s unexpected death when she was 10, Mickey was her one constant, her friend.

Friend is the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week.








Lovin’ the Pink (iPhriday Flowers)

The stunning colour in this flower which was surrounded by so many promising buds, more than caught my attention whilst wandering the Brisbane Botanical Gardens earlier this year.

Lovin' the Pink

Once again I’m lovin’ this opportunity offered by Lisa over at GrayDaysandCoffee for iPhone photos. It’s such a hoot playing with images on the phone!







Finding that one cool place (OWPC: Cow)

As the sun heats up, the cows in the paddock head towards any shade they can find for relief. Sometimes its the shade from a single tree but in this particular case, they were lucky enough to have a purpose-built shady spot.

Finding that one cool place

This is my very-last-minute submission for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge hosted by the very busy Jennifer Nichole Wells, lol.