And just WHAT are you looking at? (Wordless Wednesday)






Murmuration Mumblings! (Wordless Wednesday)









My cold, determined little Hummingbird!







The race is on! (Wordless Wednesday)








Ruffled by the cold winter winds (Weekly Weather – Cold)

Our cold miserable Saturday was brightened considerably with the visit from this beautiful blue heron in our tree. He arrived at lunchtime and was still there when the light left the sky that evening.

We thought we were getting a return visit on Sunday however when the heron flew up from the harbour he didn’t stop at the tree. Instead it flew directly towards our sun-room, skimming up over the roof at the last possible moment. Both the cat and I actually ducked when it flew overhead!🤣

Cold is the Weekly Weather Challenge word this week from Tourmaline.






A lone autumn visitor! (Monochrome Monday)

Although the cold autumn winds have dispersed most of the birds that frequent the tree outside my kitchen window, this lone robin remained.

Through no fault of their own, robins have never been a favorite of mine. Sadly, when they’re on the ground they remind me of a Queensland toad. An ugly beast at the best of times!






Still Humming even in Autumn! (Wordless Wednesday)








Dinner doesn’t get much fresher! (Wordless Wednesday)








Emerging with the Morning Light (Monochrome Monday)

As the light emerged with the beginning of the new day, a beautiful blue heron in search of some fresh breakfast was revealed down by the water’s edge.

Such a wonderful start to the day, a fresh hot coffee in my hand whilst watching Mother Nature at her best right outside my window.






Our very own Pigeon Pair (Wordless Wednesday)