A Little Ray of Sunshine (Wordless Wednesday)







As the Fog Lifts (Monochrome Monday)

Even though I already know where the islands are out in my harbour, I still enjoy watching the heavy summer fog retreating to the furthest edge of the harbour, slowly revealing each island as it goes.

It reminds me of those black and white movies where people would walk into old houses, pulling at dust cloths revealing beautiful, ornate furniture underneath.







Distorted Raindrops (OWPC: Distorted)

After yesterday’s ferocious winds and rain, to walk outside today to stillness and sunshine feels more than a tad surreal. Without the wind, raindrops were clinging to my maple tree like Christmas lights. Especially with a little tweaking.


Bumping up the contrast and shadows distorted the photo enough to help create the illusion of strings of lights amongst the branches. Distorted is this week’s word for the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Summer Showers (Muted Monochrome Monday)


Summer Showers







Natural Fireworks for Canada Day (iPhriday Flowers)


Natural Fireworks


Gray Days and Coffee





Natural Streaks! (Wordless Wednesday)

Natural Streaks







The view from my sunroom! (Wordless Wednesday)

My Orcas






Slowly but surely I’m catching up with all the wonderful photo challenges I was once participating in.

It’s been quite awhile since joining in with the wonderful One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells but there seemed no better time to jump back in then with this week’s word… BEE!

Bee Beautiful

This capture from last summer came immediately to mind and when amazingly I found it on my laptop (since we’re currently away from home and my external hard-drive) I knew it was meant to be.






Snack Time (One-Four-Challenge: Week 4)

My goodness, this month has gone so quickly with this One-Four-Challenge. It’s hard to believe it’s been four weeks already… bawhaha. (I think we all know by now I’ve squeezed four weeks into two!)

Here is my fourth and final week for the One-Four-ChallengeAs always I’ve tried a little of everything and then some. I do so love this challenge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For this final week I’ve cropped and brightened the image, then I’ve added a grunge effect and added a frame to give more of an old-world feel. Far too much I know but hey, for me that’s what Week 4 is all about.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this One Four Challenge is simply fabulous, it’s so much fun! If you aren’t already familiar with this challenge be sure to check out our gracious host Robyn and her blog, Captivate Me.





Misty Harbour Views (Wordless Wednesday)


My Harbour Outside