We call him Buck, Buck Rogers! (Wordless Wednesday)








Verscratchy (JHC: Cat)

Today I’m joining in the Halloween Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells. Jennifer has dedicated this month to all things Halloween – nominating a different subject matter for each and every day of the week. Today’s word is CAT!


Now you may be thinking this cat isn’t that scary but you’d be wrong. It represents the dark-side of our fur-balls! If you’ve ever been owned by a cat you’d know they LOVE scratching, particularly new, expensive or irreplaceable items.

Nothing sends a shiver down one’s spine faster than that of a cat scratching NOT at it’s scratching post. No matter how tired or sore you might be at the end of the day, as soon as you hear that first claw hits its intended target, you are bounding over furniture with spray bottle in hand to confront the guilty party. And cats always know when you are at your weakest!






(EXTRA) ordinary Kale (WPC)

When I took this photo at the supermarket over the week-end, little did I realize how perfect it was for this week’s Daily Post Challenge of (Extra) ordinary.

These water droplets on the fresh kale leaves I found absolutely glorious on the background of bright green. I couldn’t help but take a few quick shots with my phone-camera.

(Extra) ordinary Kale!

It also highlighted how desensitized my children are with my taking photos now as just as I was about to take this photo my daughter called to asking what I was doing. “Taking a photo of Kale“, was my reply. “Okay, see you there then.”

My darling girl didn’t miss a beat and didn’t question what I was doing when she found me, she chatted away as if I was folding laundry at home. Not standing in yet another awkward position, attempting to catch “the shotLOVE IT!






The Warmth of the Sun

It was if this rose was purposely leaning into the warmth of the morning sun, despite being in a vase!

White Rose Bud

Oh, the sunshine we’ve had this week, it has been absolutely incredible and I’m not even a sun person, lol!

To think, at the beginning of this week snow was forecast for this week-end. Now as the clouds roll in one does wonder… “mum, how much longer?”

Easter Salad – NOW we’re talking!

Easter Salad - works for me!

Here’s lookin’ at you kid!

There’s just something about Pelicans that I find so appealing. Particularly the Pelicans in Australia as they are so beautifully white.

Pelican Eye

Don’t you dare think you can fish without sharing your bait with them otherwise you’ll find them moving closer and closer to you with a look in their eye that says… “mum, how much longer?”

Pros and Cons of Social Networking

Social Networking - the old fashioned way!