Going with the flow when traveling! (WPC – Delta)

We arrived at the Oazarazate airport at midnight where a car from our kasbah was to meet us. After 20 minutes with the airport all but deserted we rang to check on its whereabouts. They’d forgotten us, they’d be there in an hour!

Into the back of this tiny car with doors only opening from the outside, went our hand-luggage, two children and I with hubby sitting up front and off we went. Into the blackness of the night we drove and drove, leaving any signs of light far behind.

Despite the rough terrain under us convincing me this was our last moments together as a family we arrived at what was to be our beautiful two-storey home for the next week. Emotions changing from final good-byes to pure elation in a heart-beat.

A few days later we discovered all the bumping was from the dry river bed we had crossed. We did ask what happened when it rained however the only response was laughter. Guess there’s never enough rain to make any great change.

What I love most about this river-bed road is how the way to not only our kasbah but a small village before it, is marked simply with white arrows on the rocks. Oh. My. Goodness.

This week’s photo challenge prompt from The Daily Post is much like last week’s prompt of Transient, it’s Delta. The challenge being to share a photo that signifies transitions and change to you.








What a fox! (OWPC: Fox)

Early last month, Miss Fourteen and I attended a pottery painting class. Whilst I chose an owl piggy-bank to add to hubby’s owl collection, darling daughter chose this fox. Isn’t it sweet?

The rainbow forming a heart around her face and chest darling daughter painted is so gorgeous! Fox is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Well’s.

And it just so happens it’s my darling girl’s birthday today – where did those fourteen years go?

💖 Happy Birthday beautiful girl! 💖





Rain Boots and Puddles (WPC: A Good Match)

Not being accustomed to rain boots when we moved from Australia to Iceland, my dynamic duo never missed an opportunity to test them out. Ah yes, rain boots and puddles… such A Good Match!

Rolling up the jeans or tucking them into the boots BEFORE leaving the house never seemed to work though no matter how much I tried. Thank goodness for washers and dryers, lol!







State of Mind (WPC)

This week’s challenge from the Daily Post is STATE OF MIND. As Ben Huberman says, “Photos show us the surface of things, but they often tell much deeper stories about the objects they depict — and about the people who take them.”

As luck would have it, Miss Twelve provided just wanted I needed as recently she downloaded all her baby-photos and has meticulously been going through each and every one of them, showing me her favourites as she goes. This being one of them.

State of Mind

On this particular morning, Master Fourteen (who was two at the time), heard his sister was awake before I did. Into the room he went, climbing into her crib to keep her company until I arrived.

My heart simply melted on seeing him sitting there amusing his sister. His reward – her biggest, gummiest smiles. They were, and secretly still are, each other’s biggest fans.

Given I battled with Post Natal Depression after my daughter was born, and am still dealing with some residual residue from it, these photos are even more precious as a lot of my memories from this time are more than a tad blurred.




Rafting in Costa Rica (MM2-16)


Another week, another Monochrome Madness with Leanne Cole Photography. This week I’ve chosen a photo of when we went rafting in Costa Rica. And yes, it’s another water themed photo, lol.

Rafting in Costa Rica

Having been white-water rafting in Africa I’d so been looking forward to this day. These rapids weren’t quite that of the Zambezi River however it was a fun morning and a great introduction for the children to this wonderful activity.

The animals we saw as we floated and scooted along the water were so unique and when the children realized we were skimming over crocodiles at times, priceless!

Leanne Cole Photography






Bubbling over with Fun! (Wordless Wednesday)


Bubbling Over with Fun!

ON THE WAY to Ucluelet (WPC)

Originally we were led to believe on driving off the ferry at Vancouver Island, the hotel in Ucluelet was but an hour away.

It wasn’t an hour, it was two and a half hours away but on the way, just as we were all becoming a tad despondent look who came out to lift our spirits… Mama Bear! Isn’t she glorious?

WPC - a Mama Bear Welcoming Committee

Now THAT is one heck of a welcoming committee, wouldn’t you say?! Plus her presence was just enough to rekindle our excitement about our road-trip and get us over the finishing line.

So much so in-fact that once we’d checked into our hotel at Ucluelet we headed off for a take-out dinner only to stay for a fabulous meal in a lovely little restaurant. As Master Thirteen has said since he was six years of age… good times, good times!




One Word Photo Challenge: COLD


This week’s One Word (weather themed) Photo Challenge is… COLD. And nothing says cold quite like a polar bear with snow flakes falling on it.

OWPC - Cold

This polar bear cub along with his mother were the first Polar Bears we saw last November. When the two of them strolled up to our tundra vehicle we thought it was Christmas. That was until snowflakes began falling from the sky, then it really was Christmas.

When we were in Churchill, Manitoba last year I must have taken 1,000’s of photos of JUST the polar bears. Now whenever I scroll through them it’s like looking at them for the first time. Just giving you a heads up, that’s all, lol! 🙂



Mommy, won’t you play with me?! (MM2-12)


Whilst watching this mother and her cub outside Churchill – Manitoba last November, it was easy to forget the sheer size of these beautiful creatures. As we watched this little one, who compared ONLY to its mother was little, playful little kittens and pups with a twist of toddler came to mind.

Polar Bears MM2-11

Of all the places we have traveled, and all the things we have experienced, seeing the Polar Bears in their natural habitat out on the Arctic Tundra, this will forever be at the top of the list. It was mesmerizing. It was breath-taking.

It was by far the most memorable and amazing experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve white-water rafted the Zambezi River, climbed inside an Egyptian pyramid, slept in a bivouac in the Sahara Desert, dead-anted in Red Square, and let’s not forget that zip-lining in Newfoundland to name but a few!). This however, this I would do again in a heartbeat… who’s with me?



Pelicans of Mexico


Having grown up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia and having property still there, going to the beach anywhere else for a holiday now just feels wrong. However the blue, blue waters of Mexico almost had me reconsidering… almost!

Pelicans of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Even now as the children and I go through our holiday photographs from our Panama Canal cruise, the colour of the waters off the coast of Mexico and Miami still leave us catching our breath.