Magical Mornings (Wordless Wednesday)



When size proves no obstacle! (Wordless Wednesday)




Watching the evening fog roll in! (Monochrome Monday)




A not so subtle nudge (Monochrome Monday)




Fading summer light… (Monochrome Monday)

MM Fading Summer Sun

Fully Loaded! (Wordless Wednesday)





Motoring into the morning! (Monochrome Monday)

Some mornings the fishing trawlers just seem brighter than others. Then again, perhaps it’s simply  a case of my having cleaned my glasses!

Looking out my back windows at “my” harbour never gets old – there’s always something for me to gaze upon!






Early morning – my favorite time of day! (Wordless Wednesday)





Cue the Unicorn! (Wordless Wednesday)








Springtime sunset silhouettes! (Wordless Wednesday)