My cold, determined little Hummingbird!







Still Humming even in Autumn! (Wordless Wednesday)








Camouflage Hummers!

There are moments I know they are out there, I can hear them, but when I look – nothing . Perhaps this explains it…

Camouflage Hummer - see him???

This darling Hummingbird blends in beautifully with the fresh green of the fuchsia leaves. Wouldn’t have thought him camera-shy but you never know, lol.

Slowly they are coming back, one by one, it’s just not fast enough for me. I want MORE but… “mum, how much longer?”

Summer Vacation has begun! :)

There may not have been all the whooping and cheering yesterday to mark the end of the school year but we did have something I think that was as equally as good, if not a tad better perhaps… HUMMINGBIRDS!

There’s no denying that enjoying a late breakfast on the back deck with these delightful little creatures is the BEST way to begin a day!

Hummers enjoy the purple blooms!

The return of these delicate little birds I will take as a sign of a wonderful summer about to unfold!

Wednesday Hummer

Now as I sit, waiting, camera poised in anticipation of more happy snaps, my coffee cup empty, I remind myself first of the joy yesterday on seeing their return before deliriously asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Permission to land…

As you know, I ADORE watching Hummingbirds! How tiny must be the feathers which cover their little bodies?

Hummingbird Flying

So absorbed was I in watching these little guys that I failed to appreciate the perch that sits in front of each individual feeder had moved, making it near impossible for the Hummingbirds to STOP and drink. Fortunately this didn’t deter them!

Hey where is my perch

As soon as this little one had had his fill I quickly went out to rectify the perch situation. Could you imagine walking into the kitchen to see these birds, wings on hips glaring at me then the perch as much to say… “mum, how much longer?”

Action in the Air!

Being a wet Monday morning leaving the warm security of one’s bed was extremely difficult this morning, especially after both children were so busy outside all week-end playing with friends.

Which made it all the more lovely to hear that familiar buzz and chatter outside the kitchen window as I prepared breakfast this morning.

Honestly, I have never heard Hummingbirds chatter the way they have been since their return this year. That sound always brings a smile to my face.

Humming in the Rain!

This next photo I took over the week-end begged for a caption!

say what???

Sadly though the washing isn’t going to do itself, nor is the house going to tidy itself so I’d best pull myself back into real-time otherwise the children will be returning from school and asking…  “mum, how much longer?”

Easter Hummers!

What greater gift could nature have given me for Easter other than the return of my Hummingbirds!

Thursday morning poor Master Twelve, as he was nursing his sore throat, was attempting to croak to me that he’d seen a Hummingbird. I believed him although didn’t see any myself that day but did take the opportunity to clean and refill the feeder just in case of this!

Welcome home little Hummingbird!

However… come Friday that distinctive sound was in the air once more, announcing the arrival of more than one little Hummingbird, yea!!!

Then Saturday morning, lying in bed, listening to the sound of rain falling intermingled with the sound of Hummingbirds flitting here and there was just delightful. No guessing where I can be found these days, lol! 🙂

Hummingbird Tongue - how cute!

I ask you, how cute is that little tongue? By the end of the week-end we had three or four little Hummingbirds fighting over the feeder, just NOT when I had the camera in my hand of course.

Last night Master Twelve was attempting to talk to Hubby and I but we were both staring out the window, totally absorbed with the Hummingbirds. Eventually Master Twelve twigged he didn’t have our full attention, prompting this muttering… “Hummingbirds? How much longer?

Oops, I think we forgot something!

Looking out the window this week we realized we’d forgotten to bring in not only the fire-pit but also this, whoops!

Hummingbird feeder - out in the cold!

The sugar-water in the Hummingbird feeder has been frozen solid this week.

Common sense says I should bring it in now but the curious-soul within me wants to leave it out to see just how long it takes to defrost… “mum, how much longer?”

Weather over the week-end!

Oh. My. Gosh. The weather here over the week-end completely did my head in as each day we’d experience nearly all weather conditions possible. Honestly if it had begun snowing I really don’t think anyone would have been surprised the weather was so weird.

We’d wake to rain beating down on the roof, by the time we sat down to brunch it was partly cloudy/partly sunny, dinner-time would be full-on sunshine but by the time we were back in bed in would be thundering and lightening with the rain once again BUCKETING down. WTF!

During one of those morning of the rain coming down I saw this little guy doing what I perceived as shivering outside. I so wanted to bring him inside to sit by the fire but knew all that would result in would be one happy cat picking his or her teeth with a long beak!

Hummingbird in the cold

Then as I watched on all I wanted to do was grab the loofer and the shower gel for him so he could make the most of the raindrops!

Hummingbird bathing

Mother Nature in all her glory – makes you glad to be alive – and warm and dry inside! I’m finding it hard to believe that here it is July and there are still Hummingbirds flying about. As they were here early this year I was worried they may have left early. Not so, however but… “mum, how much longer?”

Hummingbird ENVY!

After the day I had yesterday which finished with me stone sweeping the lawn (not my eleven old son as planned but to his credit he did do the after-clean), when friends rang last night inviting me to dinner this evening I jumped at the chance!

It was so nice having dinner with just we ladies, its been ages since I’ve done that. And if that wasn’t enough, as I was leaving to go to my car I heard that familiar humming sound. I turned around and could NOT  believe what I was seeing…

Oh I'm jealous alright!

When I arrived I saw a couple darting around and was told they’d counted 21 last night but didn’t believe for a moment it was 21 SEPARATE hummingbirds but after seeing this, WOW!

Hummingbird ENVY!

They were amazing! They’d all come together to drink the sugar-water then together they’d all go, then back again, and again and again. What can I say, I’m moving in for the summer, well, the Hummingbird Season at least!

To say I have Hummingbird Envy would be an understatement. More hummingbird feeders are ordered and I shall not rest until I have conquered the Hummingbird Crowd!

I jest but certainly would not say no to more hummingbirds. It would be lovely to have them humming about, it’s simply a case of when… “mum, how much longer?”