Icy Details (A Photo a Week Challenge: Details)

For something so natural and so totally random, the details in icicles always fascinate me. These were the icicles we discovered hanging on the side of Niagara Falls as we walked the tunnels underneath. They looked as cold as we felt.


Details is this week’s word from Nancy Merrill and her A Photo a Week Challenge.






BELOW Niagara Falls (Weekly Travel Theme)

When I read Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack had chosen Below as her travel themed challenge word for this week, given how cold I’m feeling right now, this image came immediately to mind.

Below Niagara Falls

We were standing under the falls at Niagara when I took this photo. Technically it was spring since it was March, but the icicles were still hanging long and strong as the water continued to drop over the falls, creating the mist that formed these and many other unique ice formations.

Where's my Backpack?





Afternoon Icicles – Monochrome Madness 53

The afternoon sun cast quite the heavenly hue behind the icicles created from our Snowstorm of the Century.

Afternoon Icicles

With a silence only experienced when there is no electricity at anyone’s house, it was almost magical looking out at them.

Of course, being icicles the natural question was…  “mum, how much longer?”

Evening Icicles – Wordless Wednesday

Evening Icicles - outside my son's window!

Downward flowing frozen water…

AKA, a waterfall, lol!:)

I was so absorbed with the river on Saturday, it wasn’t until I was back in the car after one of my stops, looking to see what traffic was coming behind me that I noticed this directly across from.

Long waterfalls on the side of the road

What is it about icicles that make them so darn appealing?

Frozen drips - with or without color - still wonderful!

Whether they are in black and white or simply in muted colors – frozen waterfalls are always beautiful.

A moment truly frozen in time

To think I almost missed this, funny how fate steps in at just the right time on occasion. Other times you are left wondering…  “mum, how much longer?”

What on EARTH is leaking???

When attempting to corral the cats back into the house yesterday I kept hearing what I thought was a cat moving on a frozen plastic tarp. Turns out, it was water from my hose cracking under the warming sun.

Nope, I have no idea either as the tap was off yet this is what I found…

A leaking hose, maybe...

I just don’t understand why there was so much water.

Leaking Hose... what is going on?

What is going on?

Leaking hose huh!

It might have been cold outside but the sunlight was still enough to have these icicles dripping!

Leaking hose dripping in the sunlight!

Guess I should be concerned but right now, it’s kinda pretty huh?

The beauty that is a leaking hose!

Honestly, I don’t know how our cats do it as after taking just these few shots I was FREEZING yet only one of the two cats wanted to join me back inside… “Miss Poppy, how much longer?”

Trying to be artistic…

and failing miserably!

I was endeavoring to capture my icicles with Mount Elizabeth in the background but even though I succeeded with the icicles, I’m not sure what Liz is doing in the background…


I do wonder why though some houses have so many more icicles than I do. There’s no denying I have icicle envy as I rather like being able to open the back-door, snap off an icicle then add it to my glass of Bailey’s!

But with the sun still beating down, and the forecast for more sun for the next few days, I’m not liking my chances of my icicles staying… “mum, how much longer?”

It’s officially COLD!!!

There’s an Arctic arc or something that this Canadian accent is not allowing me to grasp hanging over our region but I do know that its cold and it’s only going to get colder!

It was meant to be getting down to minus 18 last night. I had my doubts as at 11pm it was only at -7CEL so my plan was to set the alarm for every hour just to see. Darling Hubby, on using some very choice words, allowed me to see the error of this plan so I set the alarm only for 2am since his was set for 5am. At 2am it had dropped to -8CEL. By the time the children left for school it had dropped to -12CEL.

The weather forecasts kept assuring us the temperature was going to keep dropping with the wind then picking up this afternoon. The wind chill factor would be almost twice the day’s forecast of -18, it would -33CEL, brrrr. It was even cold enough to issue frost-bite warning – now THAT’S cold!

It does however make for magical icicles when combined with snow that’s been blown from the roof and stuck to the ice!

Master Ten left for school this morning but not before standing on the top step announcing that he didn’t really think it was that cold. Oh, I can’t wait to see the look on his rosy red cheeks when the wind picks up. Man he’ll know he’s alive then and will be wanting the cold to stop. I can just imagine the first question I’ll get when that happens… “mum, how much longer?”