Tornado (One Word Photo Challenge)

This week’s word from Jennifer Nichole Wells for her One Word Photo Challenge is… TORNADO!

Fortunately I’ve been very blessed never to have had first-hand experience with such a force of nature. Although I’m sure there’s many a time my family would disagree when looking at my art table whenever I’m in “the zone“, lol!

Tornado Time at Joanne's Inkee Fiddlings Studio

What’s that saying, “Creativity is Messy… and I’m  VERY creative!” And that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it, lol! 😉




Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the very best in 2015 – here’s to a happy, healthy new year with a sprinkling of fun and frivolity thrown in!

Happy New year

I don’t normally show my cards here (I save that for – all cards shown there are for sale with 100% of proceeds going to the Kitimat Cadets) but this one I particularly liked and seemed quite appropriate for today!

So, let’s raise our glasses to a new year filled with hope and inspiration; a year of understanding and forgiveness; but most importantly a year of good champagne! Speaking of which… “mum Hubby, how much longer?”

Virtual Blog Tour!

Here’s something different for a Monday isn’t it?! Grab your Roadies and let’s go on tour, a Virtual Blog Tour! 🙂

Oddly, whenever I say those three words to myself this song begins playing in my head. Images of me at five listening to this whilst bouncing on the tractor-tire garden-bed also come to mind. Ah, memories!

The Lovely Linda at Living with My Ancestors invited me to be part of this unique tour. Linda originally began her blog with her intent being to “focus on my genealogy and to share the ancestry stories“. As with life, her blog has evolved with her photography, her own stories and so much more!

This Virtual Tour is somewhat a new project for bloggers and I am very honored to be part of. It introduces a blogger or two who, although not new to blogging, could be new to you whilst offering a little more insight into the person “behind” the blog.

So without further ado here are my answers to the four questions that are asked.

What am I working on?
This, that and everything in-between! There isn’t any ONE thing I am actually working on. I’m a constant “work in progress“. Lately I’ve begun toying with the idea of the various daily/weekly challenges to help give me a little “structure” but then life comes along, detouring me yet again. As I say, it’s a work in progress!

Perfect example of this is now. I’m meant to be focusing on this Virtual Blog Tour but as I went for a coffee refill I noticed how the lilies I bought yesterday and placed on my window-sill were being silhouetted against the backdrop of heavy clouds.

Blue Iris

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
It differs in that the initial basis of my blog was to keep friends and family informed on the other-side of the world of our daily lives in a new country.

As we settled into a routine of sorts, the differences between Australia and Canada (and there are a few) became the norm for us. Such as what is currently residing in our bath. Yes, Master Thirteen went fishing this morning – meet Chum and Pinkie.

Chummin' up the bath - eew!

Over time its become more about the “visual” differences between the lives we had, to the lives we are now having. Photographing the journey we are experiencing – what we accept as the everyday but that which is so VERY different to what we have come from. These fish a PERFECT example!

Why do I write/create what I do?
Because I like it, lol! It encompasses so much of what I truly enjoy. Creating is something that’s always been part of me. From the time I was designing and making my own Barbie clothes, progressing to my own clothes, decorating yet another house, creating cards, photographing the world around me, or documenting the everyday.

There’s always something to create and I love it ALL! 🙂 Well, perhaps with the exception of felting – those Hells Angels still haunt me even today {shudder}.

Having traveled solo though such incredible places as Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern Europe, East Africa and Europe, it was important for me to photograph these amazing moments of my life. And now that I have a family, it’s even more important to document the experiences we share as we travel this amazing world together.

Then when time permits, these images and words are transferred into scrapbooks. This is some I’ve created since arriving HERE, there’s plenty more in storage. This side of me can be found over at my other blog – Joanne’s Inkee Fiddlings!

Just SOME of the scrapbooks made since moving here!

How does your writing/creating process work?
Frustratingly SLOWLY, lol! 🙂 It’s the photographs which usually determine the direction in which I’m heading. I find it much easier if I can get the basis of a week planned and set-up, then change it if necessary as the week unfolds. Otherwise I’ll sit here at the computer, becoming continually distracted as I have done-so repeatedly even this morning!

Add to the mix a husband, two cats, and two children with umpteen friends – all of whom seem to require constant feeding, along with managing a house-hold and running a small business, there’s plenty of life to get in the way of “simply sitting and creating“.

Speaking of which, thank you again to Living with My Ancestors for this opportunity to “share myself“. Now It is my turn to pass on the baton.

Let me introduce Middle East Moments. Andrea is an Australian now living in Jordan, “learning to live in a foreign country with a different language, culture, traditions and way of life certainly has its fair share of challenges both frustrating and funny. Join me in my adventures, laugh and cry with me as I share my new life with you from everyday moments to classic only in the Middle East moments.” Andrea has me wanting to go to Jordan NOW!

Also, let me introduce The Wandering Poet. Andy is “a single father to a beautiful daughter who has become my inspiration to change the way I see the world around me, as such. I would like to share with you all that I see and all that I feel, I hope you will enjoy your stay.” Andy pairs his most heartfelt verse with the most incredible music which often leaves me swaying for the rest of the day!

Plus I’m giving a shout-out to Kathy Samuel’s Photography. Due to work and family commitments Kathy isn’t able to participate but if you haven’t already visited her blog, I highly recommend it as her photography of her life in the French Alps is breathtaking!

Now as my morning has become afternoon, I must give my undivided attention to Chum and Pinkie before it’s time for Miss Eleven to take her bubble bath. Imagine her going to the bath only to discover those creatures from another pond.

I know I shouldn’t but I must confess I’m just a wee bit tempted to leave Chum and Pinkie where they are, if only to hear her reaction. Can you imagine the screams? You would hear her screeching from wherever you are… “mum, how much longer?!”

2011 took 12 months to live…

then another six months to scrap. Honestly, I thought I’d never finish them but I have… yea me!

There was a slight physiological barrier in force on this album for me. It was going to be the last time I was ever going to be including my father in an album and for some strange sub-conscious reason, this really made it hard to work on.

It was this reason also that I chose to do these albums in the shades of a rainbow beginning with January in black for that was when we were first advised that cancer was about to enter our lives. Yes, I know black isn’t in the rainbow hues but then again, the rainbow technically only has eight colors whilst my album had 12 months!

For this particular year instead of photos for the front page I chose a quote referencing color.

The front cover of the 2011 Albums!

Then did the same for the last page.

Back cover for the 2011 Albums!

Each double page for each month came up quite well in the end.

Double-page examples of the 2011 Album!

Of course, with 2011 now complete guess what, I’m already selecting patterned papers and cardstock for the 2012. Goodness… “mum, how much longer?”

Last day of the school year!

I seriously cannot believe today is the last day of the school year, honestly, where has the year disappeared?!

And me being me, although I have known for the entire school year that Miss Ten’s teacher was retiring at the end of the school year, did I begin her gift a few months ago? NO! I will say in my defense that I did begin contemplating it six months ago and DID know in my mind what I was doing so had instructions at the ready. If only I’d stuck to the plan… typical me!

When it came time last week to begin my creation I wasn’t happy with what I decided on. If I could find the instructions so easily on Pinterest then so could anyone and everyone else. Where’s the fun in that I ask?!

Hence I went back to what I know best and besides the cruddy lighting when I took the photos, I couldn’t be happier. What do you think? And that’s of the creation not the lighting thank you very much 🙂

Happy Retirement

Until I began work on this, I hadn’t realized how much I missed creating like this. As I’m a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I don’t get to use most of these embellishments anymore as they aren’t from that company so there’s little point on promoting them on my website (yes, I have another website… )and quite honestly, I haven’t felt the need or the “inspiration” you might say to use them but I’m thinking that might all be about to change!

Thank You Mrs K

I even had the opportunity to use a machine I’d bought myself last year as a Christmas gift from my mother, finally! No longer will I have my family asking… “mum, how much longer?”

9am to midnight… am I insane?!

And that’s having already been at the hall from 8pm until midnight last night!

If I am insane I’m certainly not alone as there were 20 other women doing exactly the same as me. It was a brilliant day as all the catering, and more importantly the clearly after each meal, was taken care of so one could concentrate on scraping. How wonderful!

I feared last night I was taking too much with this…

But on loading my gear into my friends truck it looked less; then on entering the hall and seeing what the other ladies had taken, honestly, it looked like all I was carrying an over sized hand-bag!

At first I was insanely jealous but as it turns out I was one of the few who had a very definite project in mind hence I knew pretty much what I needed so there was no need to take the entire Studio with me… phew!

But oh me oh my, what a day! My objective was to do not one but two albums, a tad ambitious in hindsight but I did get the basis of one album completed. Sadly I hit the wall at 7pm. I struggled on for another hour and a half but I wasn’t achieving anything so was home by 9pm.

It was a great day and am sooooo looking forward to the next crop next month… “mum, how much longer?”

My turn!!!

After the wonderful time I had those two nights out at Cable Car creating, I decided to bite the bullet and invite the ladies to my home for an evening of creating.

Fortunately two of them were kind enough to come to me clothes party last week so before they left Thursday evening I showed them my Inkee Fiddling Studio. I wanted to ensure them that the evening wouldn’t be to void of things to do should they pack like me (not really knowing what they were going to do!). It’s not overly stocked but there’s certainly enough to keep me busy!

The room is so long that there are four fold up tables in there which seat four comfortably or up to eight if we are feeling friendly!

I ended up cooking up a storm as I wasn’t sure if Darling Hubby would eat what we ladies were having or if he’d eat what I’d planned for the children. It wasn’t until I was placing the second dish into the oven that I realized that I’d prepared two “lazy” meals – Lazy Lasagna and Lazy Lorraine… oops. I’ve never cooked the quiche in a spring-form before but it was the best I’d ever made (even if I do say so myself!).

But it was a great night where we’d all accomplished a lot more than any of us thought we would. The children were aware that it was “ladies night” and we would most likely be creating late into the evening (we begin 3-3.30pm, working through until 9.30pm or whenever!) but I guess because we were all here they couldn’t resist phoning me no less to ask… “mum, how much longer?”

Oh what a night!!!

It’s been so long but this afternoon I arranged a sitter, packed my bags and was picked up at the door for an evening of… CREATING… really, it doesn’t get much better then that!

It was just so good to be sitting with like-minded ladies in a room not that dis-similar to my own studio, except CC had LOADS more “inspiration” than I ever had or will. What can I say, I was  so in awe I could have cried tears of joy. But how embarrassing, as Miss Eight would say, I had a complete “brain fart‘ for the first hour so simply sat there moving card-stock and inks around.

I had been so busy finishing Master Ten’s room after we moved the furniture around on the week-end and making curries for tomorrow night’s dinner that I wasn’t out of the shower and dressed until 10 minutes before my pick-up time at 3pm. There was absolutely no rhyme or reason to my packing at all which was the reason for my “brain fart“!

Hence the above card took three hours to construct… well the idea took two and half hours, construction was probably only half an hour. Honestly, after two hours I was asking myself in all serious… “mum, how much longer?”