Awash in Pink (Flower Friday)

Having read a blog post a couple of days ago by Emily Carter Mitchell – Nature & Wildlife Photography regarding the various apps she was currently using for editing her phone photos, within moments I’d downloaded them also.😂

Thank you Emily – as you can see, DistressFX is already a firm favourite!




Iris Grunge (iPhriday Flowers)

Such an old-world flower deserved an old-world feel hence the grunge filter. Ah yes, I do like the filter-fun the iPhone allows one to have (an understatement some would say, lol).


Seldom do I take a photo of an iris that I like but with the simply addition of a filter, I’m fine.





Standing Proud (iPhriday Flowers)

These lilies are always so striking. Whether they are in the garden, in a pot, or in an arrangement such as mine, they look so surreal.


What can I say – they say it loud, they say it proud!





Blurry Blues (iPhriday Flowers)

In amongst the wonderful assortment of greens and flowers of my Valentine’s flowers were some Heritage Hydrangeas. Some of my all-time favourite flowers.


Seeing these blooms included was so exciting as it’s been forever since there have been fresh hydrangeas in the house, woohoo!






The Power Within (iPhriday Flowers)

The gerberas  included in my Valentine’s flowers seemed larger than usual. The diameter of these blooms was simply extraordinary!


It was as if these gerberas were created just for the camera… just for me. How lucky was I?!





Rose Revealment (iPhriday Flowers)

The added bonus of the beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers hubby sent me was that rather than simply being a bunch of red roses (which are lovely don’t get me wrong), it was filled with enough flowers for my iPhriday Flowers. He knows me so well!


The green rose buds included in this arrangement were so gloriously thick with petals. Watching these petals slowing open was such a privilege.






Dehydrated Hydrangea (iPhone Flower)








In the Beginning (iPhriday Flowers)







Lily Elongations (iPhriday Flowers)








Bottled Beauty (iPhriday Flowers)