Morocco in the Morning (Monochrome Monday)






Showing a young man size doesn’t matter! (Tourist Time)

My then four-almost-five year old son seemed like such a big boy. Then he stands in front of one of the fifty-metre tall Arc de Triomphe pillars and he is immediately engulfed. Even the swords on the sculptures above him were taller than he was!

For something a little different, with the children getting older I’m going to use the Thursday’s over this summer vacation to take a journey down memory lane, reminiscing about the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!







VIVID Colored Cloths (WPC)


Strolling around Granville Island, Vancouver last week, I couldn’t resist walking into the Cloth Shop for “old times sake“. On seeing all the beautiful fabrics, this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, VIVID, came immediately to mind!

Vivid Colored Cloths

The memories evoked simply walking around this store were incredible. You see, my father’s retirement and my birthday were just weeks apart and with my parents moving back up to their house on the coast, I was being left in the city to complete my studies.

This move wasn’t my mother’s idea of a good time at all hence my birthday gift that year was a two-door 30-year-old car. She wasn’t much but she drove well and she was mine (and the stories the car could tell if only she talked…). However, this car came with ONE stipulation… when mother was in town, I was to drive her WHEREVER, WHENEVER she wanted.

Hence many a week-end was spent at patchwork shops all over the city. Not that I really minded as between the colors and the creations, there was more than enough to keep me occupied!



The EARLY BIRD catches the mist! (WPC)

Our second morning down on the Clarence River, northern New South Wales, was like nothing I’d ever experienced.

With the sun still to make its way above the trees, the mist slowly weaved its way above the water as the world woke from its slumber.

Early Morning on Clarence River

Fish were jumping here, there, and everywhere whilst the bird life took turns flying across the river, rejoicing in the morning mist. It was so, SO glorious!

These two ducks had taken flight not far from me but had obviously duly noted me with camera in hand so swung wide just in front of me for the perfect shot. This week’s prompt of EARLY BIRD couldn’t have been more fitting!



Life goes by in a BLUR (WPC)

It’s hard to believe it was just over a week ago the children and I were enjoying time out with family on the Clarence River, in Northern New South Wales. Two incredible fun-filled days were spent out on the water with the children squealing and laughing in delight (most of the time…).

Who knew there were so many “things” which could be towed behind a boat? I certainly didn’t know but the children gladly gave them all a test-drive. This is Miss Eleven mastering the knee-board. Hard to believe how trepidatious she was when we first went out in the boat looking at her sitting confidently on the water!

Knee Boarding by MMR

When your child is first-born it seems EVERYONE is eager to tell you how quickly they grow up. In those first few months you think what a load of twot. Then, in the blink of an eye they go from helpless babe to young adult, the years flying by in a blur!

Yes, I know, we aren’t quite at young adult just yet but as Master Thirteen (soon to be fourteen) reminded me whilst we were away, “you know mum, in two years I can begin driving“… SAY WHAT???

No guessing what the question will be for those remaining two years until he’s planted firmly behind the wheel of the fishing truck… “mum, how much longer?”

A Kiss on the Cheek can be…

This past Christmas for us was spent in New York City and was like nothing we’d EVER experienced before with Christmas Day being NO exception!

We treated ourselves to lunch at the Waldorf Astoria at the Bull and Bear Steakhouse which was absolutely MAGNIFICENT but I’ll share more of this with you next week once I’m back in some semblance of a routine, for now I want to share a photo of Young Sir. On his cheek is lipstick and NOT from me!

A Kiss on the Cheek can be quite continental...

As we sat waiting for our next course, up came this beautifully coiffed blond who all but grabbed Master Thirteen by the ears to plant a huge kiss on his cheek. She then went on to declare how she could NOT walk past the most handsome young man in the restaurant without giving him a kiss and if she was 10 years younger he’d be in trouble. How gorgeous!

Naturally, true to his nature, my Darling Boy simply sat there as if women came up to kiss him ALL the time. As this wonderful stranger disappeared, a small smirk quietly appeared on his face. Meanwhile, Hubby and I are beaming like children in a toy shop, or should that now be an Apple Store!

Perhaps I’m biased, heck, I know I am but he really did look rather dashing that day in his Sunday finest and what a wonderful memory for him. As to his next kiss, well… “mum, how much longer?”

Yet the moon still rises

What I found hardest when my father passed away was that life still went on. My mother’s house was full of loss and grief on the morning of the funeral yet outside the trash was still being collected.

Each day since his passing the sun still rises and sets; the moon ever ready to take its place.

Another Moon, Another Month

Today my father should be celebrating his birthday. He should be feasting on a pile of fresh prawns. He should be alive and well.

Sadly, cancer had other plans for him. For me however the pain of his loss is still as fresh, if not fresher, as the evening of his passing.

I still shed tears for those moments neither my children nor I will never share with him. As to when or if that pain will ever lessen… “mum, how much longer?”

A May Bush in May – what next?

At my very first house, the Bli Bli School House, we had the most incredible bush that come Spring would be awash with tiny, tiny white flowers. Bees would be a buzzing, butterflies a fluttering.

A breeze washing over this bush would send petals skyward, with the most subtle perfume filling the air.

I know this isn’t a May Bush but it smells like a May Bush. Oh how smells can evoke a memory. I can’t help but be transported back to when a May Bush flowered in September!

Snow Flake Petals!

I still can’t look at a May Bush without smirking. Even now when I’m living in the Northern Hemisphere where a May Bush actually flowers in May, lol. 😉

With the sun shining down, a breeze in the air, all that’s required are the bees and butterflies…  “mum, how much longer?”

Fresh flowers, fresh cakes!

What better way to help support those who are fighting cancer, and remembering those who fought a mighty mighty battle, then to buy either a daffodil stick pin or a bunch of daffodils! 🙂

Daffodil Month - show your support!

To my Darling Dad, if only dreams could come true – you wanted to live forever – and we would have loved nothing more than to have you with us longer but cancer had other plans for you. We love you and miss you everyday.

It’s three years to the day that we said our last good-byes, the last time I would see you standing as the man you always were. The airport shuttle taking us away from you, to our new life on the other side of the world, not knowing if we would ever see each other again.

Never did we imagine to be flying back to you in just two short months for one last good-bye but by this time cancer had already stolen the man who was my father, my children’s Dee Dee. A mere shell was all that was left for us to say good-bye to; the cancer robbing you of your speech and controlled movement but at least we said good-bye.

The pain of your departure is fresher today then it was back then. They say time lessens the pain but… “mum, how much longer?”

This time last year…

Goodness, I cannot believe its been twelve months since the children and I joined my parents on a cruise of the South Pacific. The cruise was for seven glorious nights visiting Noumea, Vila and Lifou.

Dad and his glasses case in his top pocket, he never thought to remove it prior to a photo but that was dad!

Lifou was the children’s and my favorite stop of the three. The blues in the ocean were what the children had seen in brochures so were bug-eyed at being able to actually swim in it. Plus we were able to walk around the island experiencing some of the local culture. It was the complete package!

I love cruises as not only do you get to visit numerous wonderful locations but you need only unpack once and never, NEVER do the cooking and washing up. I LOVE IT! Now that we have settled in Canada the children are keen for another holiday like that one (and admittedly so are we) and so are often asking… “mum, how much longer?”