Early Morning Dew (Monochrome Monday)

Yes, yes, I know dandelion heads are the bane of most gardeners existence but when the sunlight reflects off those early morning dew drops covering one of them, they are mighty hard resist.

Personally, I think they are simply delightful, but hey, I’m just a girl!😆





Hint of Spring Time (Macro Monday)

The blue-purple hues of these Heritage Hydrangeas were simply glorious. As time went on the purple became stronger than the blue.


Here’s to a Spring bursting full with colour and an overabundance of blooms!





Sullied Succulent (Macro Monday)

Growing up back in last century, every house had a collection of terracotta pots and old tin cans overflowing with a variety of succulents. Ours were all stacked at the bottom of the back-stairs along with the begonias.


Now it would appear succulents have been deemed almost exotic. This one I discovered quite by accident growing in the Chihuly gardens. A miniature amidst the giants of Chihuly’s works.




Cupcake Christmas! (Macro Monday)

When visiting the Christmas House in Akureyri, Iceland with two small children, what else does one buy but a snowman in a cupcake liner to add to the tree.

Cupcake Snowman

Given our love for cupcakes and our newly discovered love for snow, this seemed more than apt. Plus it’s a fun reminder of the wonderful adventures we had whilst living in Iceland!





Unique Stamen Beauty (Macro Monday)

This is the flower I used in my earlier Monochrome Madness post but this time its in all its colourful glory.

Stamen Beauty

This flower still isn’t a favourite of mine but when it comes to photographing it, well that’s a whole new ball-game with it definitely close to the top of the list!





Branching Out in Colour (Macro Monday)

This is the same capture I posted earlier for my Monochrome Madness submission this week but in colour.

Branching Out in Colour!

The colours and texture in this tree fungi were just incredible. In monochrome or colour, either way I love this capture!






Egg-stra Special Mushroom (Macro Mushroom)

When I was out one morning last month in search of the last remaining balls of dandelion wishes, this mushroom had me looking twice.

Egg-tra Special Mushroom

It caught my eye as for the briefest of moments the glistening brown of its insides reminded me of a gum leaf after a rain storm. As I said, just for the briefest of moments.

When I looked again it had me wondering if it was perhaps an egg. Closer inspection revealed it was yet another fabulously different mushroom. What can I say, I’m lovin’ autumn this year!





Breakfast on the go! (Macro Monday)


Snack Time





Autumn Blooms (Flower Friday)


Autumn Blooms!





Mushroom Mounds (Macro Monday)

The boys had me driving on some the bumpiest, back-tracks imaginable this past summer in search of the perfect part of the river bank in which to fish.

Mushroom Mounds

It was always worth it, not only for the boys to be out fishing no matter the weather but invariably each time I would manage to come across something to photograph like these mushrooms… bonus!