Never a blank canvas for long! (Monochrome Monday)

No matter where in the world you go, if there’s a large expanse of concrete that is accessible by an individual with a spray-can, it is soon covered with graffiti.

Sometimes they can be quite artistic, and sometimes sadly it’s just a wish-mash like these!






Quite the pipes! (Monochrome Monday)

When moving to East Iceland, knowing were going to be living in a small village, we decided to spend a few days in Reykjavik to see what shops there for future reference and to also play tourist. One thing you can’t miss no matter where you are is the city’s majestic church.

Once inside, as lovely as the interior of the church is, you can’t help but keep looking at the huge organ pipes at the front of the church. Whilst there we were fortunate enough to hear someone practicing at the organ. WOW!





A Sign of the Setting Sun (Monochrome Monday)

Walking up Pike Street for an early dinner before our short flight from Seattle to Vancouver, the setting sun behind the market’s sign caught my eye.


Although shooting into the sun is never advised, in this instance I simply couldn’t resist and am so glad I did.





Wooden Ways (Monochrome Monday)

We were amazed to see on the tiny Pincushion Island this well-constructed, reasonably new walk way. It’s almost a shame that you don’t see it when you initially approach the island.

Hidden Fences

For a quick reminder, or to see Pincushion Island for the first time, please click hereWhen you look at this island, this walkway is situated just to the left of centre!





Rain or Shine (Monochrome Monday)

The weather was more than average one day last week but this person seemed to determine to go out regardless. There’s no holding back a true boatie!

Come Rain or Shine

The pop of red in the jacket they were wearing seemed in stark contrast to the rest of their surroundings. Great for safety, whilst also making for a great photo!




Rain or Shine? (Monochrome Monday)

Watching the sun rise last week over the ocean, the clouds surrounding it seemed undecided as to blow on through or to stay, allowing the skies to pour down upon us.

Good Morning BW

Eventually the clouds disappeared but as the sun climbed above the horizon, the sun’s rays reflected on and behind the clouds was more than a glorious sight to behold. What a way to start the day!





Deceptive Clouds (MM2-31)

Being the first week of the month Leanne Cole Photography has set a theme for this week’s Monochrome Madness of CLOUDS. You’d think this would be an easy enough challenge… it wasn’t.

Amongst the Clouds

There were many, many possibilities then I stumbled upon this capture I took on my trip to Europe last year. These were the clouds above England last January before we descended through this layer to see the devastation of the floods below.




Canadian Country (MM27)

This month’s Monochrome Madness theme from  Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY  is COUNTRY. Initially I chose a photograph from my visit to Australia back in March as nothing says country more to me than a kangaroo sitting under a tree.

Then as I sat down to write this post I felt conflicted submitting a photo from Australia when I like to now call Canada home. Back through the archives I went to find this shot from our adventures through British Columbia in May.

Canadian Country - MM27

I briefly considered lightening this photograph somewhat but as I did so I simply wasn’t happy with the result. If you haven’t already guessed, I rather like my captures to be on the dark side, that’s simply me.

Especially given the state of disrepair these two buildings are in. Their glory days are obviously behind them with mother nature moving in to reclaim what was rightfully hers to begin with.

But on the plus-side of changing my mind at the moment, I have now have one or two images for future Monochrome Mondays. Of course there’ll be NO prizes for guessing what those images will be, lol! 🙂





Urban Quebec (MM2-27)

In a city over 400 years old, one is obviously going to find a clash of building styles within this urban landscape. The old and the even older but it seems to work.

URBAN Quebec City - MM2-27

Looking behind the facades you can see how people change, styles change. What seemed to have been a good idea way back when, is simply made to work now.




Natural Beauty (Monochrome Monday)

Sometimes it turns out to be the simplest things that leave you with the greatest impact. This for me was one of those times, especially with a single raindrop!

Fancy Schmansey

This poor Rhododendron in particular has been tweaked and twerked but as a simple black and white, I think it’s found its place. This is how I like it best.