Morocco in the Morning (Monochrome Monday)






Lit up by natural beauty (Monochrome Monday)







Peek-a-Boo! (Monochrome Monday)







Down Memory Lane (Monochrome Monday)









Searching for Spring (Monochrome Monday)

This tree stands beside our summer-house in the back yard. Each winter I look at it in its current state wondering if it will come back to life or remain perpetually in readiness for spring.

If it was to remain in this perpetual state of readiness, one ponders the possibility of it being painted silver. It could be a garden ornament for 10 months of the year then an arty-farty Christmas tree for the remaining two. Waste not want not!






Oh deer, two sweet! (Monochrome Monday)

The mother deer who gave birth to twins in our backyard last May, often brings her two babies back for visit. No matter how quickly they grow, they are still to us our babies.

Now the two fawns are much bigger, only one at a time will ever rest near their mother.  Perhaps this is a “deer thing” or it could simply be a case of this mound in our backyard really is just big enough for two!







Two left feet… literally! (Monochrome Monday)

Goodness, how fast did I run for my camera when I looked out my Studio window and saw this eagle chowing down on something on the top of our backyard tree?!

It wasn’t until I downloaded the photos that I realized what we had actually been looking at. Of all the things I was thinking it could possibly be, a leg wasn’t on my list!






Nailed It! (Monochrome Monday)

There are retaining walls and then there are retaining walls. There are retaining walls of stone. There are retaining walls of railway sleepers. Then there are retaining walls of anything and everything!

This retaining wall certainly may not be the most aesthetically pleasing and certainly may not have been the most thought out, but hey, it is a retaining wall that appears to be doing its job.





WHAT THE??? (Monochrome Monday)

This is the look one gets when one is waiting for an afternoon apple snack. But rather than just pieces of apple, a crazy black and white cat comes shooting across the lawn chasing the apple… repeatedly!

Never before has Miss Poppy chased anything, let alone pieces of apple. Yet on this particular day she obviously thought this was a really good idea.

That was until Mother Deer saw what was going on, racing up to Poppy who quickly ran back inside. That was until the next piece of apple was thrown {groan}.







An Autumn Favourite (Monochrome Monday)

These mushrooms appeared on our front lawn just in time for Halloween, complete with an icky-sticky black goo around the edges.

If I hadn’t watch them hatch from their egg-shaped beginnings I would have believed they were someone’s Halloween decorations had gone walk-about!