Grain silos… NOT! (OWPC – Grain)

Since we arrived in town, we’ve always referred to these as the grain silos. When researching to determine what silo held which grain turns out the wheat, barley and canola silos are down at the port.

This is actually the Wood Pellet Terminal for receiving, storage and shipping wood pellet, not grain. You can just see a ship behind the tree in the bottom right-hand corner.

Grain is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder! (OWPC – Gorilla)

This gorgeous big brut was hanging out at Disney World’s Animal World. Seeing them in the wild was definitely on “my list“. Sadly however just as I planning my trip through Africa last century, traveling to see them had been stopped. Dang it!

Animals in captivity is something that can upset me but I have to admit, Disney World seemed to be doing it well and I don’t believe I’m just saying that as it was so thrilling to see them so close… 

Gorilla is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





What glue does what? (OWPC – Glue)

It had been such a long time since I’d done any mixed media work when creating the mother’s day gift for my mother, that I had to completely relearn what glue held which texture the best.

Needless to say it was an extremely steep learning curve with just one or three challenges, lol. Glue is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge Word from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Mexican Giraffe (OWPC: Giraffe)

There were a lot of things I expected to see whilst we were traveling through Mexico but I have to admit a giraffe, albeit a very colourful giraffe, was not on my list!

He was extremely charming and most definitely served his purpose. Into that store in Huatulco we went in search of a smaller version of this well-read fellow, exiting with many a jewellery purchase forgetting all about the quest for a cute creature!






Dancing to their very own tune! (OWPC – Friend)

There’s no denying traveling with young children changes the way you travel. Moments like this where my two little cuties were dancing together at the Colosseum in Rome will stay with me forever.

Seeing the world through their eyes allows you to see a world that might otherwise be missed. Plus, these two being such good friends made traveling with them a breeze.  

Friend is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





Fort Framing (OWPC: Frame)

Stepping out of the bus at Cape Merry Battery outside of Churchill it was cold, but the wind whipping at our faces was even colder. My gosh it was cold, even the memory of it makes me shiver!

The cold however was temporarily forgotten when looking through the gaps framing the Churchill River. These gaps were where the canons once stood proudly on guard ready to protect against possible enemy occupation many, many years ago.

Frame is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





What a fox! (OWPC: Fox)

Early last month, Miss Fourteen and I attended a pottery painting class. Whilst I chose an owl piggy-bank to add to hubby’s owl collection, darling daughter chose this fox. Isn’t it sweet?

The rainbow forming a heart around her face and chest darling daughter painted is so gorgeous! Fox is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Well’s.

And it just so happens it’s my darling girl’s birthday today – where did those fourteen years go?

💖 Happy Birthday beautiful girl! 💖





Can’t see the forest for the trees! (OWPC: Foreground)

At first glance this photo was to be deleted. Then on closer inspection the trees in the background could be seen so clearly regardless of the blurry trees in front.

Thus making this photo ideal for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells of… Foreground.





Teasing all our Senses (OWPC: Food)

It’s more than simply just the food when eating out. This was very much the case when we were visiting Tallinn, Estonia. The ambiance in the 300 year-old restaurant complete with a true bread-basket together with the food was simply divine.

It’s said we eat with our eyes but on this particular night all five of our senses were tingling with delight. Food is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole-Wells this week.

My Harbour, My Escape (OWPC: Escape)

When it comes to wanting a quick escape from the everyday I’m extremely blessed as all I need do is look out my back windows. Any and all of these windows overlook the beautiful harbour just outside.


As is the way with not just harbours but any body of water, there is always something to watch, immediately transporting you to another place. Escape is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.