Wishful Thinking

One is NEVER too old for Dandelion wishes I say!

Dandelion Heads

 As to those wishes coming true… “mum, how much longer?”

Stairs to Another Word

Each time I walk up our front stairs I tell myself that I really should do something about the moss growing on them. Then life gets in the way and it never seems to happen.

Stairs to another world

This week-end passed by in such a blur with us all being so busy. To have the opportunity to be like moss, to simply be, would be glorious but… “mum, how much longer?”

Winter is Underfoot

There was a definite twinkle in the grass yesterday morning as I headed off on the early morning school run. The ground appeared to glow as the sun’s rays washed over the earth.

Winter is Underfoot!

At the risk of jinxing myself and upsetting MANY people, I really do think winter is getting closer but… “mum, how much longer?”

Changing of the Guard

Or as my calendar refers to it, the First Day of Autumn Equinox!

I much prefer the term Changing of the Guard as when the leaves change to their autumn reds it reminds me of the guards at Buckingham Palace standing tall, standing proud, protecting their mighty Queen!

Changing of the Guard

And if the leaves are turning it begs the question, WHERE is the snow and… “mum, how much longer?”

One Fish, Two Fish, Colored Fish, More!

To say it was a great week of fishing last week would have been a GROSS understatement!

Saturday morning, after a few early hours spent fishing down on the river, was spent cleaning and filleting fish in preparation of smoking it yesterday. Apparently I’ve bought Hubby a u-beaut smoker for his birthday this Saturday. Gosh I’m nice!

Unfortunately not all went to plan yesterday though. Filleting the mornings catch resulted sadly in FOUR sutures and what was worse, it wasn’t even MY child, eek. 😦 Talk about an “oh my goodness” moment!

But it’s all good and even with this minor set-back the boys are still inquiring as to their next fishing expedition and… “mum, how much longer?”


It rained today like I haven’t seen it rain here for a long time. Naturally it was the day I had a “to-do” list as long as a fresh roll of toilet paper. Murphy’s Law huh?!

Skagway Raindrops glistening in the morning light!

Don’t know what it is but raindrops on fresh foliage for me is such a beautiful sight, and if this rain persists as forecast, you’ll be looking at all my raindrop captures shrieking… “mum, how much longer?”


Is it almost over???

I can’t believe the children have been on Spring Break for almost two weeks – it’s been simply wonderful. Although as Monday draws closer I’m dreading the change in mood as they both have been so busy they’re exhausted. They almost need a holiday, lol! 🙂

I on the other-hand have simply been the chief cook, cleaner, and chauffeur. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m so VERY grateful for this opportunity to be here for the children and their friends but to be still like the Haisla Bridge, it would be nice.

Fishing - Haisla Bridge!

Not many more sleeps until school resumes… “mum children, how much longer?”

Surreal Snow!

Being on the river-bank the other day whilst the snow was falling, gave me a completely different perspective of it. Actually standing under the branches as they caught the snow was simply sensational.

Snow on branches - another perspective from the usual!

It almost felt as if I was intruding as I stood amongst the naked trees as their branches captured the falling flakes – so surreal!

Surreal Snow - what else can you say!

Yes, we’ve all heard how nearly every other person out there is longing for summer to be upon us, wishing this snow away but for me it’s the opposite.

The scenes created by snow are so unique and beautiful I’d be happy for it to continue for much, much longer but… “mum, how much longer?”

Spring MIGHT be on it’s way…

but my frozen Hummingbird feeder tells me it’s still winter even if there is no fresh snow falling. 😦

In the interim this image will just have to sustain me until such time there is once again fresh snow. It would have to be one of my favorite captures from the limited snow we had this past season. For me it eludes to a prehistoric time.

Once the snow falls is like a different world outside my window!

The broken branches of perhaps heavy snowfalls of another time, with the sword-fish like trunks soaring between the dense foliage, for me as I gaze out of my bedroom windows creates an indelible image the forever will stay in my memory.

Or at least until we get our next decent snowfall, lol… “mum, how much longer?”


There have been some really REALLY stunning photographs on blogs of late that have utilized reflections which have peaked my interest considerably.

So when capturing the frost on the fishing truck earlier this week and happened upon this wasn’t I a happy camper?! 🙂

Reflections in the window B&W

Yes, it’s blurred but I really liked how our maple tree reflected in the back passenger’s window of the fishing truck. A slightly different perspective to this…

Maple silhouette in the cold

Fortunately for everyone with the skies so clear my desire for more reflections shall be limited hence there’ll be no… “mum, how much longer?”