Brightly Coloured Raindrops (Flower Friday)

Why is it flowers never look so pretty as when they are covered with fresh raindrops?

My baby petunias are hanging on for dear life as the winter winds begin blowing once again.







As if in a Doll’s House (One Photo Focus: October)

It’s coming close to the first Friday of the month which means it’s time for another wonderful One Photo Focus from Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing. One Photo Focus is where everyone edits the very same photo then shares their results.

This month we have a very interesting photo from Y. Prior, from Priorhouse Blog. This photo below was taken with a cellphone in the  lobby of The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Oh the grandeur of yesteryear! {sigh}


When looking at this photo for me it felt very surreal. The building was so grand, dwarfing the furniture within. It made me feel as if I was looking into an antique doll’s house. Hence I decided to create a miniature effect to match this emotion.

This was created first by transforming the colour with a filter giving it the “turn-of-the-last-century” appearance then upping the contrast and clarity with a hint of brightness before cropping then miniaturizing. Here is my version of the above photo.


Be sure to see all the incredible submissions for this month’s One Photo Focus over at Visual Venturing. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it never ceases to amaze me how we can all edit the same photo yet all have such different results!

One Photo Focus Badge





Crystallized View (One-Photo-Focus March)

‘Tis the beginning of March which means it’s time for Stacy’s wonderful One Photo Focus March Challenge over at VisualVenturing. As many of you are more than aware, I absolutely adore this challenge.

It’s where Stacy offers just the one photo for editing to anyone who is interested. This month we thank Nancy Merrill of Nancy Merrill Photography for the use of her intriguing photo. This my interpretation.

Joanne Ritchie MARCH One Photo Focus

For this month’s editing I’ve severely cropped the photo so the just the staircase is left. Next I extended these stairs slightly to give the illusion the staircase is taking you to the top of the tree.

My next step was to “crystallize” this cropped image to create a uniformity of sorts then added a heavy vignette before the addition of a frame. Here is Nancy’s original photo for comparison.

Nancy Merrill Photography - One Photo Focus

As I say, I absolutely love this challenge as it’s so, so interesting to see how we’ve all taken the exactly same image yet edited in a different way… LOVE IT!

To me this is life… we can all hear and see the same thing yet so many times its interpreted differently.

One Photo Focus Badge