The Romantic Manifesto (Cover Makeover #19)

My goodness, it feels like forever since I’ve participated in one of Desley’s and Lucille’s fabulous Cover Makeover Challenges so it feels good to be dipping my toes back in their creative challenge.

As it was, I was began editing this photo of a NYC Christmas window from last year for another challenge not long after I read Desley’s post about this week’s cover makeover. One thing lead to another and consequently, here is my book jacket.

The Romantic Manifesto

It’s so NOT the simplistic stylings associated with the jacket of an Ayn Rand, lol. Talk about going from one extreme to the next huh?

Due to the reflections in the window, I had to really beef up the contrast to remove them. However this worked to my benefit by adding a little hint of mystery to this capture.

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Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #13

That time of the week once again for another of Lucile’s and Desley’s wonderful Photo Rehab Cover Makeover challenges and this week it’s… a book cover.

Neither the author nor the title I’m familiar with but as 100% of royalties from this book are going to help the refugees arriving in Europe, for this reason alone it’s worth purchasing. Anyways, here is my take.

Cover Makeover #13

Right of the bat let me apologize for going for the obvious of white flowers but my head was stalled so I went with it. My tiny white cloth flowers sitting in a jar near me keep taunting me but to no avail.

Naturally, the moment I hit the Publish button inspiration will wash over me, causing me to scream in pain as what I should have done becomes abundantly clear. Don’t you just love that moment?


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The Cabin in the Woods (PhotoRehab Cover Makeover 12)

This week’s makeover challenge from Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic is a movie poster of… The Cabin in the Woods. Word on the street is that it’s a horror movies, not really my thing but with Chris Hemsworth in it, I may just have to watch it!

This was the final kick I needed for me to get into Lightroom as I had the perfect photo for this challenge but there were power lines EVERYWHERE, something my current program simply couldn’t deal with. Hence this is what I had to use…

Cabin in the Woods

It’s not what I pictured in my mind but I’m still kinda happy with it. At the end of the day, if the “not-quite-right-photograph” is the worst thing that happens to me given all that’s happening in the world, seriously, I’m doin’ okay!

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PhotoRehab Cover Makeover #10

Oh how time flies when you’re either having fun or have children who have been home for the last two month’s on summer vacation finally returning to school today albeit for only two hours.

Consequently here it is, almost ten hours later than intended, but here is my version of this week’s book jacket makeover from Desley over at Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist.

Lord of the Rings

This is absolutely NOTHING like envisioned as the photo I had in mind I simply couldn’t find in my archives. Then when I went to insert this into my post, there was my photo. Turns out I’d only taken it last week. Shows you how much I can pack into a week without even trying, lol.

And now that’s done, it’s on to make dinner which sadly, is not nearly as much fun as Desley’s makeovers. 😦

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The Green Mile (Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #07)

This week’s challenge from the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover divas is Stephen Kings’ book The Green Mile, with the option to do either a book jacket or movie poster. As you see, I’ve stuck with the book jacket as they are my personal favs!

PhotoRehab - The Green Mile

This photo I took a week ago when taking Master Fourteen and some mates out fishing early one morning to a new location.

We didn’t quite make it to this new part of the river sadly as there were numerous water obstacles. And although the fishing truck is 4WD, it’s a bit girlie in comparison to many others out there hence wasn’t feeling that brave!

That’s why as the road became narrower and the water across the road invariably became deeper, I apologized profusely to the boys then turned around the first opportunity I had. There was NO way I was getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

However on the way back to the highway I just had to stop to take this photo as proof we’d at least attempted to fish the infamous Power Lines!

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PhotoRehab Cover Makeover

Once again the clock is ticking and I’ve more than likely missed the deadline for this week’s PhotoRehab Cover Makeover but it was one of those things I just had to do regardless. A book jacket “do-over“… LOVE THEM!!!

PhotoRehab Cover MakeOver

When I first read this week’s challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do; it was just a case of trawling through my archive to find exactly what I needed.

Always SO much easier said then done as I become so easily side-tracked when going through memory lane!

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The Invention of Solitude (Cover Makeover)

Here is my interpretation for this week’s book jacket makeover for the Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge.

Love me a Book Jacket!

LOVE these challenges and this week I even tipped my toe into the Photoshop waters but only managed to manipulate the photo yesterday.

Trying to add the text was simply too much, my head exploded. Or perhaps it was simply the beginnings of my head-cold? Where’s that coffee???

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Winter’s Tale (Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge 2)

This week’s Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge from Desley and Lucile is a movie poster. Having had our temperatures sitting in the mid 30’sC for the longest time with only a recent reprieve, this is one makeover I couldn’t miss.

Winters Tale - PhotoRehab

This was a fabulous challenge to participate in this week. Be sure to check out the Drama Queens requirements at Photo Rehab101 to see if you’d be interested in joining.

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Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover!

There’s a new challenge going around and I just COULDN’T resist!

Every Thursday The Drama Queens are going to nominate the name of a book, movie, or something then share their take on a new cover before handing it over to anyone who would like to participate.

This week’s theme is… “THE LONG WAY HOME“, a book from Louise Penny. Here’s my take on a book jacket.

Book Jacket - The Long Way Home

I took this photo as Hubby and I were transferring flights in Hamburg last year from Tallinn to London. There seemed NO end to this translator which seemed SO fitting for this title, lol!


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