Transported to another place (WPC: Out of this World)

Driving across central Iceland is like driving nowhere else in the world. Particularly in the dead of winter with a setting sun. Dormant volcanic mounds dot the landscape in every direction. The road the only evidence of man’s existence.

There was a rumor going around when we lived there, that this is where NASA would send it’s astronauts to get a sense of what it would be like on the moon. We believed it!

Out of This World is the current challenge of The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.








Give the Truck a Hand (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge)


As we crawled our way to Tofino, Vancouver Island, stopping and starting because of the road works, this “hand” dangling at the back of the tip-truck kept us all well amused.

Give the Truck a Hand

Don’t you just love it when others share your Odd Ball sense of humour, especially when you’re caught in traffic, lol! 🙂


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge

Taking the road less traveled… kinda, sorta! (Wordless Wednesday)

The path less traveled...

Past Beauty still Standing

After driving past all the plowed potato fields of Prince Edward Island (the McCain’s factory which I can only assume was for oven-fries, was NOT lost on me I assure you!), it was to those areas of land NOT tended that I found myself drawn.

Shed along the way in Prince Edward Island

Oddly, these parcels of land all seemed to have a structure of sorts that although still standing, from all appearances had not been used for the longest time. I wonder if they’ll ever be used again and if so… “mum, how much longer?”

Church Spires

Driving from Moncton, New Brunswick to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island last month it at times felt like we were driving through the English countryside.

With church spires appearing like periscopes above the tree-tops combined with the leaves in their autumn colors, it was easy to think back to another time driving through England.

English Countryside in Eastern Canada

This was the first time we’d ever had a GSP in the car and there’s no denying, it was rather fabulous. Especially as Siri like to update us as to how long to our destination.

Certainly alleviated the need of such questions as…  “mum, how much longer?”

Welcoming Sunshine

Having flown out of St Johns, Newfoundland in the morning with rain pelting down upon the tarmac, to then fly into Moncton, New Brunswick with the sun shining down upon us, was truly a delight.

Welcoming Sign from Above

Such a contrast to here this morning. Our first snow-flakes FINALLY fell, albeit VERY briefly, covering our immediate world in a very light, white blanket of snow before turning to rain.

Hmmm, as to a true to snow-fall though… “mum, how much longer?”

The Simplicity of Duplicity!

On the drive home from Terrace on Sunday we pulled over a couple of times so I could attempt to capture some of the beautiful scenery we are so very blessed with. It really does feel as if we are driving in a post-card at times!

However, what I hadn’t taken into consideration with my afternoon’s photography session was my “playing” with the camera settings last week would create such “interesting” captures. It’s almost like a double image or a shadowing effect.

Duplicity on the River - eve mistakes can be beautiful - sometimes!

The trouble with me is that instead of changing one thing at a time on my camera then seeing what the result is, I go and change a dozen things then have NO idea what I’ve done. Whatever I’ve done would work well I think if I had the camera set-up on a tripod but unfortunately that seldom happens.

One of these days, sooner rather than later I hope, I really must sit down and rectify this problem instead of screwing my nose up despondently each and every time I do a download crying… “mum, how much longer?”