Down in the grass! (Travel Theme – Grass)

Monday morning I was momentarily glued to my spot in the sun room. There was a deer lying down in our very grassy backyard. This in itself isn’t unusual but there was something in her position that wasn’t right, it worried me.

I held my breath looking for clues as to what was the problem and what I should do. Then… two little heads popped up!

My mama deer had not long ago given birth. These little darlings were still wet and wobbly on their legs it was so beautiful to watch. Immediately I ran downstairs, woke the children and had them upstairs to view these little wonders of life.💞

Grassy is this week’s Travel Challenge from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?




Cream of the Crop (Travel Theme: Cream)

This scene of the early morning rays of sunshine lighting up the dandelion heads across a field in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, will stay with me forever. Such a glorious image to leave the island with.


This memory is definitely the cream of the crop when remembering our overnight stay on Prince Edward Island (pun very much intended, lol). Cream is this week’s Travel Theme Challenge from Where’s My Backpack.




Gotta love them balls! (Travel Theme: Balls)

When visiting Niagara Falls one spring break, as gob-smacking as the fall themselves where, the mist from the falls that had frozen on anything and everything around the falls was just as fascinating.

Most intriguing were the ice-balls that had formed on top of so many of the plants immediately above the falls on the boardwalk. Mother natures very own cake pops!

Balls is this week’s fun Travel Theme from Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack.




Water on Earth (Travel Theme: Earth)

Watching the sun set so behind the islands outside our windows is wonder enough but being spring, the sounds of hummingbirds flying from bush to bush filter through the open window.

Mother Earth, you certainly know how to spoil us. Earth is this week’s travel theme challenge from Where’s My Backpack!





The Colours of Chihuly (Travel Theme: Colours)

The shapes Chihuly creates are simply amazing. Size is definitely not deterrent either to this remarkable artist. What I find even more incredible are the magnitude of colours used!

When wandering through his displays at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition in Seattle, there doesn’t appear to be any favoured colour. Every shade of every colour of the spectrum are used. Truly beautiful!

Colours is this week’s Travel Theme from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?





The trees continue to grow (Travel Theme: Grow)

With our house overlooking the harbour and set down the hill it’s easy to forget there are actually mountains in front of the house. When we go out onto our back deck with have the best of both worlds.

The neighbour’s trees GROW, hiding the houses above us but allowing us access to the beauty of the mountains behind. Grow is the Travel Theme this week from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?.





It all comes down to one’s perspective (Travel Theme: Bark)

This could be a stretch for this week’s theme of Bark from Where’s My Backpack but I couldn’t resist. This came up last week on Darling Daughter’s daily calendar.


Yes, more than likely I’m barking up the wrong tree with this challenge but you have to admit, it’s both a little bit funny and just a smidge true of most of us. Well, maybe not me but everyone else, lol!





Under the cloak of Darkness (Travel Theme: Dark)

The Travel Theme Word  from Aisla of Where’s My backpack? for this week is… dark.

This photo was taken August 31, still technically summer. However with the dense rain-clouds that rolled in around the edge of the harbour, obscuring the islands behind them, you are instantly reminded winter is not far away.


You wouldn’t think it would be that hard but I have to admit, it took many shots before I was able to get one with the buoy light actually on.




Choose your Fabric… (Travel Theme: Fabric)

So much fabric is used in the many elaborate costumes for The Rockettes, and of course the many other performers in New York City’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular making it just that… spectacular!

Fabric of Society

This performance is sadly also not immune to how the very fabric of society is transitioning and how we as spectators are subliminally subjected to advertising when we least expect it!

Where's my Backpack?




My INSPIRATION (Travel Theme: Inspiration)

This week Ailsa, from Where’s My Backpack, has chosen the word INSPIRATION for this week’s Travel Theme. Fortunately I need go no further then my kitchen window when in need of inspiration.

Inspiration Outside

Imagine my delight only yesterday as I’m waiting for my coffee, seeing this Bald Eagle settle in a tree just outside my kitchen window. A little something special on a day that kinda needed it.